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When myself and Richard Lock set up the Pierless Music website, way back in September 2012, we had no idea how long the journey would last.

We just had a head full, or should that be two heads full, of ideas after many hours spent passionately discussing local music, and what it meant to both of us, in various coffee shops and bars around Hastings and St Leonards.

A lot of what we talked about back then has come to fruition since those heady days, in one form or another. Something that we’re both very happy with.

As we said back in 2012 “Our aim is to promote, support and nurture original local music from Hastings and the surrounding area*.

We both feel, very passionately, that the quality of the original music that comes from the Hastings area, across all age groups and musical genres, is such that it deserves to be heard by a much wider audience.

Is there anywhere else quite like Hastings? Well, we certainly don’t think so and that’s why we’re here.”

Those words still hold true for both of us today.

The local music scene has certainly gone up a few notches during that time, even if we have had the odd setback along the way, the sad closure of The Tubman springs to mind in that category.

That music scene is as vibrant as ever, with new musicians moving to the area, bringing with them their expertise and enthusiasm.

The Pierless Music website served a purpose back then, but those times have changed, with other sites, or ideas, coming to the fore.

The Stinger magazine and website being one such example, a venture we both had a hand in, and an idea we’d discussed back in 2012.

Because of that the Pierless Music website has been rather quiet of late. In fact the last post was back in December 2015.

So we have taken the sad decision to close the Pierless Music website on 10th March.

The contents of the website will be archived, just in case we may want to use it in some form further down the road.

Richard and myself would like to thank everybody who has played a part in the Pierless Music journey. There are far too many of you to thank individually.

We are both very proud of what we did. It has certainly taken me down some interesting musical paths during the intervening years, and continues to do so.

Thanks for your support, and keep on supporting local music.

You know it makes sense.

Andy Gunton and Richard Lock


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