The Pierless Music Interview – Dorey The Wise

Here’s the next installment of the Pierless Music Interviews, this time it’s with Hastings based band Dorey The Wise.

Dorey The Wise are releasing their first EP in March and have a special launch party gig at the Brass Monkey, in Hastings on Friday 1st March. Check out the Event page on Facebook here:

For more about the band, see their own website here:

The Pierless Music Interview – Dorey The Wise by Pierless Music on Mixcloud


One comment on “The Pierless Music Interview – Dorey The Wise

  1. Tony May on said:

    A really interesting listen especially as I voted for them the year they won Hastings Got Talent so know a bit about the history of the band. ‘Backbone’ sounded like a mixture of The Boomtown Rats, Elvis Costello and The Jam to me. Not bad to get three such popular artists mentioned in one sentence – eh lads? Had not heard the band since their duo days either so it was interesting to hear how their fast and bouncy (always was! still is! HA HA) material sounded with a full band to back up the endless energy and charisma. STILL want to hear a ballad from you guys though (Chris & Aiden – remember our conversation? HA HA) but think you are well on the way to building a solid fan base with this kind of stuff (so who wants what I want anyway -nah nah nah nah nah, HA HA) and can see you getting plenty of gigs off the back of the E.P.

    I like the live sound of the record but equally would love to see what a diamond producer (like a certain Mr. Harvey Summers!) would do to really bring your sound a tad nearer to something that could head chartwise. Not talking about losing the realness or the raw edge you understand just a few cosmetics to give your sound a slightly more full and rounded sound…

    Anyway, what the hell do I know (rotten lyricist whose never played a gig in his life!) sitting here on over 800 copies of my own UNSOLD CD’s! HA HA

    Anyway, ALL THE BEST, for the future guys – GOOD LUCK with the E.P.

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