From the World to Hastings

The more observant amongst you may well have noticed that the slogan for Pierless Music is ‘”From Hastings to the World”. This is meant to highlight our intention to help spread the good word about the amazing original music that comes from the Hastings area.

But sometimes that original local music is influenced and flavoured by the rhythms and sounds from across the world, hence the title of this post.

Two Hastings based bands whose music certainly echoes with the sounds of other continents are The Cajun Dawgs and The Moors.

Formed in 2007, The Cajun Dawgs may well come from the deep south of the UK but, as their name suggests, they play “a mix of Louisiana sounds from hard rocking swamp pop, Zydeco and traditional Cajun Music.”

It’s real authentic stuff too, as you can see from this video:

If you liked that, you can find out more about The Cajun Dawgs and even buy their album “New Dogs, Old Tricks” via their website at:
And if you fancy catching the band live, you’re in luck, as they play the Royal Standard in Hastings Old Town on Friday, 8th November.

Another Old Town band and one this time whose music comes from a different continent, or continents, are The Moors, who formed in 2008.

They describe their music as a “brew (that) includes Balkan music, klezmer, mediaeval Sephardic melodies, Cuban rhythms, jazz, blues, folk and rock music” That’s quite a combination isn’t it? But it all goes together nicely to make for a toe tapping experience.

To listen to the music of The Moors, to buy their self titled album and to find out more info about the band, go to their website:

Here’s a taste of their music, along with some photo’s of the band:

I’ve had the pleasure of playing music by both The Cajun Dawgs and The Moors on local radio stations and I think it’s good to see local bands taking music from around the world and giving it a unique Hastings flavour.

Here’s hoping that other acts follow in their musical footsteps, or are already doing so.

From Hastings To The World

One of the aims of Pierless Music has always been to see original local bands make that transition from being a local band, to being one that spreads its wings and starts to play outside of the area. Even if that means not playing locally as much anymore.

As if to emphasise this the Pierless Music slogan is ‘From Hastings to the World’. Hence the title of this particular post.

Well, three of our younger Hastings based bands are now doing just that.

Hornet, Maid Of Ace and The Kid Kapichi have progressed far enough for them to now be headlining London gigs. That can only be good news.

Recently, Hornet headlined the O2 Academy 2 in Islington.

On September 27th The Kid Kapichi are returning to headline the Barfly in Camden.

And on the following day Maid Of Ace are headlining the Black Heart venue, also in Camden.

This is of course no guarantee of any future success. But it does at least show that all three bands are both good enough to hold their own in London and that they all have the ambition and drive to move forward.

Let’s hope that Hornet, The Kid Kapichi and Maid Of Ace will be just the first three of many more local bands that make that transition. I know that there are already at least a couple more bands waiting in the wings to do just that.

London first, next stop the rest of the world?

Blog Post – Ragged Trousered Folk

Tony Streeter has written a new blog post for Pierless Music all about his ‘raggedtrouseredfolk’ gigs that take place at the Jenny Lind pub in the old town, Hastings.

These gigs feature artists from across the world, as well as the best local folk talent.

Read more here:

Well done to Tony for putting on these gigs and for persuading international artists to come to Hastings. Tony is also one of the people behind the annual RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts, which will place just over a week’s time, so he’s a busy man. Well done.

Sorry about the colour of the writing in Tony’s post, but WordPress didn’t seem to like using black this time around.

Hastings Rock radio (Again)

A while ago I posted about the return of Hastings Rock radio for its 20th anniversary broadcast. Well, the start of transmission is nigh and the radio station begins broadcasting on Saturday 4th May on 87.7FM locally and across the world via an Internet stream.

You may well have read a bit more about Hastings Rock via a recent article in the Hastings Observer:

Hastings Rock prides itself on playing original local music during its 28 day broadcasts and this has been happening for most, if not all, of the 15 separate broadcasts that have taken place during those 20 years. 2013 will mark the 16th actual broadcast.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be presenting a dedicated Local Music Show on Sunday evenings, in May, between 8 & 10pm. During those shows I shall try and fit in as much local music as I can and I already have more than enough to play, but I’m always open to hearing more.

Just because Hastings Rock is a rock station doesn’t mean that I’ll only be playing classic rock music though. I tend to try and stretch the musical boundaries of the station as much as I can during my Local Music Shows. Therefore, expect to hear Blues, Folk, World and much more besides. I do have to draw the line sometimes, but I have always tried to have what I call an ‘open ear policy’ when it comes to music.

Local music is also played as a part of Hastings Rocks ‘A List’. The best tracks that have been sent in will get regular airplay during normal scheduled shows throughout the 28 days. There aren’t many, if any, other radio stations that can claim to do that.

If you miss the Local Music Shows I do intend to post them as ‘Podcasts’ here on the Pierless Music site at some time. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

For more info about Hastings Rock, why not visit the stations website:

Andy Gunton