New Year – New Videos

Happy New Year to you all.

We thought we’d start off 2014 with a couple of new local music videos that we’ve come across recently.

If you see, produce, or know of any other new local music videos that may be lurking out there, please let us know.

First up today are King The Native and a track from their very soon to be released EP ‘Tendershook’. The track is called ‘Drastic’.

If you liked that you can see King The Native at their EP launch gig, this Saturday, at The Union Bar. More details can be found here:

In complete contrast here is a far more laid back video from local singer/songwriter Anita Jardine. The track is called ‘Writing In The Sand’, which she describes as ‘a reflection on life’s cycles and connections’.

It comes complete with some nice photo’s of Hastings.

Keep those videos coming.

Carnival FM Live Session Videos

As previously mentioned here, during my recent Local Music Shows for Carnival FM we took the opportunity to get some fine local musicians into the studio to be interviewed by myself and also to perform a few of their own songs and have some fun in the process.

We also took advantage of this to both video and record those interviews and live sessions. Well the results are now starting to appear on the Carnival FM YouTube channel, which you can find here:

Up to this morning 18 videos have been uploaded, with at least one from every performer/band included in that number. Those performers/bands are Blair, Poppy Prescott, Hana Christine, Mick Bolton, Logan Wilson, Dorey The Wise, The Kid Kapichi, King Size Slim, Steve Riv and Claire Hamill.

Why not go and check them out, there are some great and pretty unique performances amongst them. Here are a couple of those videos to whet your appetite:

Don’t forget that videos from last years live sessions on Carnival FM are also available to be watched on their YouTube channel. And there are still more to come from all performers from this years shows too, so keep checking.

New Local Music Videos

Here are two new videos from local artists that we’ve featured on this Pierless Music site before.

First up is a brand new track, from a forthcoming album by King Bathmat. The track, ‘Sentinel’, is taken from their ‘Overcoming The Monster’ album which is released on July 22nd on Stereohead Records. It’s their second album in a year!

Good track and an interesting video too.

Next we have another video from the ‘Jupiter’ album by Harvey Summers. This time the track is ‘Hey Spaceman’ and as you can see, it’s a bit of a homage to the late Carl Sagan and why not? I know that Harvey was a fan of Carl Sagan’s tv show ‘Cosmos’. As indeed was I.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and please let us know about any other good quality local music videos that you come across on your wanderings around the Internet.

New Videos

You wait ages for a new local music video to come along and then several come along at once. But, we’re certainly not complaining.

So, here are three new videos which help showcase just some of the variety present within the local music scene.

First up is Maid of Ace: Their new video features Hastings itself. See how much you recognise.

Next we present Harvey Summers: and the title track from his new album ‘Jupiter’. The video features legendary double bass player Danny Thompson, who is best known for his past work with such musicians as John Martyn and Richard Thompson, amongst many others.

Finally, for this time at least, are Arivmia:

Their new album is released shortly and this is one of the tracks from it. Recorded live at The Dublin Castle, London.

ARIVMIA – Dragged Below. Live in London. from jumpingSOFA on Vimeo.

Happy viewing.

Love Fingers Interview

Stuart Huggett has recently inteviewed those quirky females from St Leonards, ‘Love Fingers’.

Here’s how he describes them: “Love Fingers are probably the oddest group to come out of St Leonards this year. Formed by four young local artists, going by the names of Vixon, Rogue, Bad M and Phat Al, Love Fingers combine loosely recorded songs with simply shot, imaginative videos, sharing them on YouTube. They’ve yet to play live, but have amassed a passionate online following.”

It that has whetted your appetite, read on here:

We’ve even embedded some of their videos into the interview as well. So, you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

New Videos

We’ve updated our Videos section, as it was starting to get a bit full up.

We’ve separated the videos into ‘A to M’ and ‘N to Z’. Solo artists are usually listed by their surname. The ‘Carnival FM’ videos have also been embedded onto the Pierless Music site, to save you some mouse clicks.

New videos that have been added include ‘Bon Hiver’by Harvey Summers, which we promised you in a recent post. Here it is:

And this from ‘The Love Fingers:

If you spot anymore that you think we should be showcasing, please let us know.

We do prefer videos not to be just of a single still photo though.

Thanks and happy viewing.


As some of you may well have noticed, we have updated our ‘Videos’ section and now have a selection of local music videos embedded into the Pierless Music website, for your viewing pleasure. We intend to add some more as soon as we find them.

There are some great videos there, so why not go and check them out?

We’re sure that there are many other local music videos, of equal quality, lurking around out there, unseen by us. So, if you know of any, please let us know via our email address:

Please make sure that any videos submitted are of original songs and from bands/artists within our catchment area. We’d also like to see some creativity within the videos, as displayed in the videos already posted.

Videos of just a still photo image, with the music playing over the top, are not really what we’re after. We certainly understand that those videos serve a purpose, but we’d like to encourage something a bit more substantial.

Here’s a taster of the sort of thing that you can expect to see.

Thanks and happy viewing.