A Social Media Policy – Update

Some months ago I wrote a blog post for this Pierless Music site called ‘A Social Media Policy’. The idea was to give bands and musicians some guidance on the potentials pitfalls of their own use of social media, based on my own experiences.

That post was well received and I was recently asked to update the post for use on the Epik Music Videos website.

They have changed the title to ‘The 10 Commandments of Social Media’, even though there are actually 16 “Commandments”. But the title does have a nice ring to it doesn’t it? You can find the post here:


Even if you did read that original Pierless Music post, it would be worth reading this new version as it has been updated and added to.

Let me know what you think and if you have any personal pointers that could be added to any future update.

“Altercation at Alter Bridge”

A while ago I wrote a blog post for this Pierless Music site entitled ‘A Social Media Policy’. You can read it here:                                                        http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/blog-posts/andy-gunton-2/a-social-media-policy/

In that post I listed 15 pointers/guidelines that I felt were important to follow if you’re a band, artist, or even a band member. Number 10 was ‘Don’t Engage In Slanging Matches’. Well, I’ve just come across a very good example of exactly why you should follow those guidelines.

I was recently pointed towards a very good and enlightening blog post. I’ve even borrowed the title of this post from that one. It concerns the rock band Alter Bridge and a, completely unnecessary, altercation they had with a photographer who had taken a photo of one of the band members at a gig.

The band then used this photo on their own website and elsewhere for commercial purposes. On hearing about this the photographer asked to be paid a nominal fee of $75 for the use of his work. The band refused and that really should have been the end of the matter, but it wasn’t.

For the full story and what happened next read the post here:                                 http://www.uncountedcircles.com/2012/06/altercation-at-alter-bridge.html

As you can see, it all got rather ugly and even dragged in one of the band members.

In my opinion this can only have one effect and that is to make the band look very bad, in many ways. Even fans of the band thought that Alter Bridge were in the wrong with the public way that they had dealt with the issue, as you can see from that blog post.

This is precisely why bands, artists and even band members should not get involved with slanging matches with anyone, for whatever reason. It will never look good and will usually only come back to bite you on the bum, as it has here.

Deleting those unsavoury Facebook, Twitter or comment exchanges will not make the problem go away. As happened here it’s very easy to take a screen grab of any offending comments and many people do this nowadays as a kind of insurance policy.

The Internet and Social Media loves nothing more than a good scandal and news travels very fast there too. So remember that adage, ‘What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet’ and maybe also read Number 3 of my list of pointers/guidelines, ‘Think Before you Post’.

Make sure you’re not the next band, or artist to fall into the same trap that Alter Bridge did. You’ll only live to regret it if you do.

Mumm-ra are back (again)

It seems that you just can’t keep a good band down these days.

I wrote recently about how so many local bands are getting back together again, even if it’s just for the one night: http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/deja-vu-all-over-again/

I mentioned in that piece about the Mumm-ra reunion gigs of 2012 and now it seems that that has whetted their appetite for something a bit more substantial. I had a funny feeling that it might have that effect.

There have been cryptic Twitter messages coming from the Mumm-ra camp recently which have now culminated in the following statement on their website:

“Hello everyone.

It’s been an awfully long time. Five years have passed and my word things have changed. Apparently our Myspace is no longer relevant? Dark times.

Fear not, however, for Mumm-Ra have stirred from their deep slumber and decided to give a home to those songs that never made it to the elusive ‘Album Two’.

Everything’s ready to go and we hope to have something for your ears in the next couple of months. To whet your appetite until that time, here is a little acoustic number called ‘Technicolour’.

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest Mumm-ra news, and check out our Soundcloud page where you can stream all our tracks.

It’s good to be back.

Love always,


Here’s the video that accompanies that new track ‘Technicolour’:

Nice, isn’t it?

It’s good to have them back once again and let’s hope that it’s for a little longer than two days this time around.

Mumm-ra website: http://www.mumm-ra.net/


Blog Post – A Social Media Policy

Social Media is something that we all use these days and it’s something that is becoming ever more important for bands and musicians as well. But, are they using it in the correct way?

Because of that question, Pierless Music have decided to write a blog post about this topic and include some Social Media guidelines of our own. You may not agree with them all, but they will hopefully give you something to think about.

And who knows, maybe these guidelines might have some relevance for an individual too?

Find out more here:



Pierless Music is now on Twitter. You can find us here:


or @pierlessmusic

If you use Twitter, why not follow us there?

Apart from Tweets about the content on this and our other sites. We also intend to use Twitter to share music related news stories and interesting articles that we have come across.

We do have accounts set up with other Internet and social networking sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Reverb Nation, Mixcloud and Soundcloud. But, some of these are not yet ‘Live’, as we are activating/using them as we progress.

In time, we intend to have widgets on this site to allow you follow, subscribe, friend & join us across all those other Pierless Music sites.

All sites will be under the Pierless Music name.