More Local Music Videos

Here are two more local music videos for you to feast your eyes upon.

First up are a brand new band who are already causing a bit of a stir, Riddles. They describe themselves as a “Garage psych rock n roll trio”.

This video of their song ‘Psychedelic Power Engine Iron Claw Thunder Mistress’ was produced by Pierless Music’s very own Richard Lock.

If you enjoyed that, Richard also filmed and edited a video from the first ever gig by Riddles, at The Union Bar in December. You can find that here:

By contrast here is the new video, directed by Theo Watkins, from local popsters Dorey The Wise. It’s called ‘Love Games’.

Don’t forget to let us know if you spot, or produce any new local music videos. Thanks.


Walking along the seafront on Saturday evening, on my way home from another music event, I was struck by the variety of both the music and the venues that I’d experienced over the past few days.

I know that this is probably nothing new to most of you, but let me explain.

On Thursday afternoon I’d been lucky enough to go and see The Kid Kapichi doing some recording locally. I even managed to take some photo’s of the band ‘at work’ as well.

Thursday evening saw me at The Roomz, in St Leonards, to catch the first set by singer/songwriter/guitarist Keith Foster. He really ought to play more gigs you know.

On Friday evening I went to The Union Bar, formerly The Tubman, to watch Barb Wire Dolls and Maid Of Ace. And very good it was too.

And finally, early Saturday evening, I went to the launch of the new Book Buster bookshop in Queens Rd, Hastings. Apart from giving away free cake, and who can resist free cake, they also had an instore gig featuring both Tim Hoyte and Otti Albietz (plus Thad).

All the gigs were enjoyable. But, it was the diversity of both the music played at the gigs and the venues that they took place in that struck me on that stroll home along the prom.

Yes, I know that seeing The Kid Kapichi in the ‘studio’ wasn’t something that was open to all, but hopefully you get the idea?

From soft rock to loud punk rock, Indie rock to folky guitar tunes.

From a bookshop to a bar, a recording studio to a sweaty pub.

From being the only ‘gig’ goer to being one of nearly 100, including a man with no clothes on!

If you ever wanted to try and sum up the Hastings music scene, those few days would be a great place to start.


The Kid Kapichi go to London….

…. and you can come too.

In a recent post, all about 2013:, we talked about how there was a sense of some momentum building with regard to original local music from Hastings.

One aspect of this was the expected wider exposure that some of our local bands would be getting in 2013. Well, one of those bands are The Kid Kapichi.

The Kid Kapichi self released their debut album, ‘Gin & Chronic’, in August of 2012. You can read a review of the album here:

You can listen to 4 tracks from ‘Gin & Chronic’ here:

Since that release the band have completed a short UK tour and have also played a blinding set at the Camden Barfly in November, as well as some very well received local gigs.

On Saturday, 12th January The Kid Kapichi are back in London playing a headline show at the Hoxton Underbelly club, a show booked off the back of that aforementioned Camden Barfly gig.

To enable local fans to go and support the band in London, they have arranged a coach to take you there and they’ll even bring you back too.

Details are as follows.
The coach leaves The Tubman pub, in Cambridge Road, at 6pm on 12th January. The coach fare is £10 per person.
It will return after the gig, leaving London at around 1am.

Entry to the gig is £5. But, if you get your name on the bands list by the 11th January it will only cost you £4.

The Kid Kapichi are due on stage at 10.30pm.

If you want a seat on the coach, contact Jack on: 07414 440408 or let the band know via their Facebook page at:

If it’s anything like the Camden Barfly gig, it promises to be a great evening and well worth making the effort to get there.

If you can’t make that gig, or if you live further afield, The Kid Kapichi are playing two gigs in Liverpool on the following weekend.
Friday, 18th January – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool (This gig has now been cancelled)
Saturday, 19th January – Lomax, Liverpool

PS: Disclosure time:
Myself and Rich must declare an interest here, as we both have a connection with The Kid Kapichi and have been doing some work with them recently.                                          Mind you, that’s because we both know that they are very worthy of the attention and deserve to go far.                                                                                                               In fact you will find us both at the Hoxton Underbelly gig and also in Liverpool.

See you there?

Oxjam Hastings

If you fancy seeing some great local bands and help to raise much needed money for a very worthwhile charity, then we might just have the gig for you.

The Oxjam Festival is on at the Tubman in Hastings on Sunday, 28th October. That’s this coming weekend. There’s an event page for the gig on Facebook at:

As the name suggests, the event is in aid of Oxfam. Oxjam itself is a whole series of gigs, throughout the UK, all taking place during the month of October.

More info about Oxjam can be found here:

The Hastings event is being organised by David Georgiou, an 18 year old gig promoter from Hastings. David read about Oxjam, thought it was a great cause and applied online for a special tool kit to help him set up this local Oxjam event.

Oxjam Hastings starts and the music kicks off at 6pm. Entry is just £3, with all proceeds going to Oxjam. It is a 16+ event.

Bands and set times confirmed so far are as follows:

6.00 – 6.20: Voices

6.30 – 6.50: Adrenaline Tunnel

7.00 – 7.20: Acres Of Life

7.30 – 8.00: The Kid Kapichi

8.10 – 8.50: Otti Albeitz & Thad Skews

9.00 – 10.30: King Bathmat

As with all events like this, the running order and set times are subject to change.

It certainly sounds like an event well worth supporting and we hope to see you there.