The Keane Trail

Whilst i know that many people who read this may not be fans of the band Keane, even if they do come from within the Pierless Music catchment area. It can’t be denied that they do appear to have a genuine love of the area and have even mentioned several local places in their songs.

I suppose the most famous example would be the track ‘Sovereign Light Cafe’ from their recent No.1 album ‘Strangeland’. If you’ve not seen the video, it’s well worth watching, as it was actually filmed in Bexhill: (Pre video advert warning!)

Well, to celebrate the local Keane connection, 1066 Country Marketing and the Battle Marketing Group have created the ‘Keane Trail’. It’s a website, built with the help of the band, that explains how local places have both influenced and been referenced in Keane’s songs:

I’m guessing that the aim of the website is as a kind of online tourist brochure for the Hastings, Battle and Bexhill area.

Many bands are very quick to get out of their local town as fast as possible and even to knock it in interviews etc. That is especially true of bands from a small town. So, it’s good to see a successful band speak up for their local area and to celebrate some of the good things about it.

Who knows, it might even bring some musical tourists to the area who may then see and hear for themselves the many musical riches that we have here.

And maybe it might even encourage some of you to explore and celebrate your local area just a little bit more as well?