Yet More Local Music Videos

If you’ve seen the latest issue of The Stinger magazine, you may well have read in the Local News section about some upcoming new releases from a couple of our bands.

Well, two of the music videos for those releases have now appeared on YouTube.

The first of these is the new single from Skinny Lister called ‘Trouble On Oxford Street’. The song is taken from their album ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’, which is scheduled for release on 20th April 2015, on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Find out more about Skinny Lister here:

Next up are Hornet, who are back with a new video and a new sound as well. This new track, ‘Cry Wolf’, is taken from a forthcoming EP, due out in 2015. Currently, this is the only way that you can hear ‘Cry Wolf’, so get watching.

Find out more about Hornet here:

Two great examples of the diversity of the local music scene in Hastings, I think you’ll agree?

We’re looking forward to hearing both new releases in full.

Location, Location, Location

We posted an article a while ago about music videos that had been made in Hastings. You can find it here:

Well, another one has now come to our attention, although this time it was filmed at Pett Level.

It features Kaiser Chiefs and is of their new single ‘My Life’, which comes from their most recent album ‘Education, Education, Education and War’.

See what you think.

What a great spot to make a video.

Let’s hope that many more acts follow in Kaiser Chiefs footsteps and use the Hastings area as their music video location.

If they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

PS: We’ve just remembered a couple more locally filmed music videos.

First off are Skinny Lister and ‘If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down’, filmed on Hastings beach and in the sea too. Brrrrr…

And who could forget David Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’, famously shot at Ecclesbourne Glen, between Hastings and Fairlight.


Carnival FM – Local Music Videos

Our last post mentioned the Local Music Shows that I was going to present during this years Carnival FM broadcast.

Well, the shows went well and included nine different live sessions and interviews with local acts. All of these were both filmed and recorded and some of these are now available to be watched via YouTube.

To view the videos visit:

More videos are being uploaded all the time and we hope to eventually have most of the songs and interviews, with all of the artists, available to view.

Here’s a taster of what you can see.

With the exception of the videos of Skinny Lister, all were filmed live during the shows.

If you missed them, here’s a list of the sessions that took place during the shows:

Monday – Skinny Lister + The Tabs

Tuesday – Louis Turpin and Roger Hubbard + The Moors

Wednesday – The Piercings

Thursday – Harry Osborne + Otti Albietz

Friday – Titus + Buddha Triangle

BeFilmed are also recording interviews with other local acts and people connected to the music business locally. So why not subscribe to their YouTube channel, so that you don’t miss anything.

Andy Gunton

Local Musicians Get Govt Money

Whatever you think about this, or any other Government, they do have the means to help various sections of society, if they so choose.

Well, the current Government have now invested £550,000 of our money to help promote some of the hottest new musical talent from the UK.

The Music Export Growth Scheme was set up to try and replicate the international success of such acts as Alt-J, Mumford and Sons, and Bastille, to name a few. The scheme is administered by UK Trade and Investment, and the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI).

Today the Music Export Growth Scheme announced grants of between £5,000 to £50,000 to 14 different UK acts, all aiming to take their music to a worldwide audience.

It’s a pretty diverse list of acts, as can be seen here:

One of the great things about this list is that it contains two bands that have current members who live and are based in Hastings.

The first are Savage Messiah, who’s guitarist Joff Bailey has played in local bands for several years, before joining the London based band. They are in the process of releasing their second album ‘The Fateful Dark’. They have been awarded money for ‘European Tour Support and Promotion / Marketing’.

The second band to receive money are Skinny Lister, a folk/rock band, two of whose members are now based in Hastings. Skinny Lister have toured the USA several times and are due to return there again very shortly. Their most recent album ‘Forge and Flagon’ was released in 2012 and very good it is too. They have been awarded money for ‘USA and Japan Tour Support’.

Well done to both bands for getting through the selection process and being picked to help represent the UK music scene across the world. We wish them well.

On another level it helps showcase the great musical talent that we have in the Hastings area and that we are attracting to the town, because of the wonderful local music scene.

Hopefully this will help to inspire and encourage many more local musicians to attempt to follow in their footsteps.