Blog Post – Ragged Trousered Folk

Tony Streeter has written a new blog post for Pierless Music all about his ‘raggedtrouseredfolk’ gigs that take place at the Jenny Lind pub in the old town, Hastings.

These gigs feature artists from across the world, as well as the best local folk talent.

Read more here:

Well done to Tony for putting on these gigs and for persuading international artists to come to Hastings. Tony is also one of the people behind the annual RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts, which will place just over a week’s time, so he’s a busy man. Well done.

Sorry about the colour of the writing in Tony’s post, but WordPress didn’t seem to like using black this time around.

Pocket Size @ The Jenny Lind

We don’t tend to publicise gigs outside of the Pierless Music Gig Guide, but i thought i’d make an exception this time around.

Why? Well, firstly because the person putting on the gig is trying to do something a little different by promoting local talent, instead of his usual fare of more established national and international talent (There’s nothing wrong with ‘his usual fare’ by the way)

Secondly, the self promotion of local gigs is something that may well become the subject of a blog post here very shortly.

And thirdly, because we have some extra information about one of the acts playing and a couple of videos to share with you.

The gig in question is on Wednesay, 12th December, upstairs at the Jenny Lind, in Hastings Old Town. More details can be found in our Gig Guide here:

One of the bands playing are called Pocket Size. You may have seen them at this years Beach Concert. But, did you know that they once had a big chart hit in the USA? No, neither did we. It was called ‘Walking’ and there was a very entertaining video made to promote it:

Although that song is not very representative of the far more folky sound that the music of Pocket Size has now, it does show that they are obviously talented and experienced songwriters and musicians.

And to whet your appetite for what they sound like now and for what you can expect to hear at the gig, here’s a performance from earlier this year, filmed in Eastbourne:

Good isn’t it? And if you enjoyed that, why not get yourself along to the Jenny Lind on 12th December to see more of the same.

If you do go along, why not write a review of the gig and send it into us here at Pierless Music?