Claire Hamill – Interview and Videos

Well, the Carnival FM broadcast is now over, but even if you missed it there is still a way to experience at least a part of it.

During the course of the broadcast I presented a series of Local Music programmes, during which we had live sessions and interviews with ten different local acts.

One of those was Claire Hamill. Because of her commitments, we had to pre-record both her interview and live session. The benefit of this though was that the interview was able to be longer than those during the live shows.

Here is a video of that interview. We had planned to talk for around five minutes, but ended up talking for twenty nine!

After the interview Claire performed three songs, one of which was brand new.

Here are the videos of those songs. Enjoy:

Thanks to the guys at ‘Rock A Nore Productions’ for filming and editing the video footage.

More videos from the Carnival FM Local Music Shows are available on their YouTube channel:

Local Music News – June 2013

Here’s my latest column for the Hastings Observer, which was printed in their June 7th edition.

“This months column is going to have a distinct radio theme I’m afraid as that’s what I’ve been doing with myself for much of the month of May. Hastings Rock radio may now be gone from your radio dials once again, but if original local music is your thing you can still hear the four dedicated Local Music Shows that I presented for the station. You can find them all at:

I had some great feedback about these shows, so I hope that you’ll enjoy them too. You’ll find a great variety of local musical talent within the shows & much that you may not have heard before & hopefully something to make you want to search out any local gigs by the acts. Enjoy.

In other local radio news, Carnival FM will be back on the air for Hastings Old Town Carnival Week (1st to 11th August) and I will presenting a Local Music Show for the station on weekdays between 6 & 8pm. These shows will be featuring live studio sessions from original local acts, as they proved very popular last year. Find out more at:

One other piece of good news is that the annual RNLI Beach Concerts will thankfully be taking place this year, after some financial concerns. They will be on Saturday & Sunday, 3rd & 4th August.  Let’s hope that summer has finally arrived by then.

Andy Gunton,

Pierless Music & Hastings Rock”

(See our previous post about news of the acts appearing at this years RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts:

The Voice

Don’t get worried, I’m not about to start going on about TV talent, or lack of talent, shows. But, I came across this article the other day and although it isn’t right up to date it is still very relevant.

All singers need to make sure that they look after their voice, especially if they hope to forge some sort of musical career. Or even if they just want to carry on playing local gigs for years to come.

Our voice is something that we all tend to take for granted. But when it happens to be the thing that we use to either help us pursue a career, or to do something that gives us pleasure, it needs to be looked after.

The article here gives some tips in how to protect your voice. It’s not the definitive guide, but it certainly gives some good pointers. There’s never a substitute for getting professional advice, but this is better than nothing.

It could even be used for anyone who uses their voice a lot, DJs and radio presenters for example. I’ve noticed myself that when I do a lot of radio presenting, or compering, my voice suffers. Maybe I need to take this on board as well then? Do you too?

Here’s the link:

Hastings Rock radio (Again)

A while ago I posted about the return of Hastings Rock radio for its 20th anniversary broadcast. Well, the start of transmission is nigh and the radio station begins broadcasting on Saturday 4th May on 87.7FM locally and across the world via an Internet stream.

You may well have read a bit more about Hastings Rock via a recent article in the Hastings Observer:

Hastings Rock prides itself on playing original local music during its 28 day broadcasts and this has been happening for most, if not all, of the 15 separate broadcasts that have taken place during those 20 years. 2013 will mark the 16th actual broadcast.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be presenting a dedicated Local Music Show on Sunday evenings, in May, between 8 & 10pm. During those shows I shall try and fit in as much local music as I can and I already have more than enough to play, but I’m always open to hearing more.

Just because Hastings Rock is a rock station doesn’t mean that I’ll only be playing classic rock music though. I tend to try and stretch the musical boundaries of the station as much as I can during my Local Music Shows. Therefore, expect to hear Blues, Folk, World and much more besides. I do have to draw the line sometimes, but I have always tried to have what I call an ‘open ear policy’ when it comes to music.

Local music is also played as a part of Hastings Rocks ‘A List’. The best tracks that have been sent in will get regular airplay during normal scheduled shows throughout the 28 days. There aren’t many, if any, other radio stations that can claim to do that.

If you miss the Local Music Shows I do intend to post them as ‘Podcasts’ here on the Pierless Music site at some time. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

For more info about Hastings Rock, why not visit the stations website:

Andy Gunton


Hastings Rock 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Hastings Rock radio will be returning, license permitting, once again in May 2013. The station will be the on air from Saturday 4th May until midnight on Friday 31st May, probably on the usual 87.7FM frequency & also via the Internet.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the very first Hastings Rock broadcast back in August of 1993. So there is bound be an air of celebration surrounding this years proceedings.

Local company Booker & Best are very kindly sponsoring this years Hastings Rock broadcast and the station will, once again, be supporting and raising awareness for St Michael’s Hospice throughout their 28 days on air.

I will give more information about this years Hastings Rock broadcast nearer the time, including a full programme schedule. But, for the moment I just wanted to publicise my own Local Music Shows that I’ll be doing once again on Sunday evenings throughout May.

This year those Local Music Shows will be on at the slightly later time of 8-10pm on Sunday evenings.

But, for those shows to take place I need your music. I have already started getting local music together for inclusion, but I know there’s more out there waiting to be heard. So, if your music fits the following criteria/rules please get in touch with me via Pierless Music. The email address is:

  1. All music must be original material, no cover versions.
  2. No swearing.
  3. You, or your band must come from the Hastings, Eastbourne, Rye, Battle and Robertsbridge area.
  4. All music must be on CD or mp3 and be of broadcastable quality.
  5. There is no guarantee that your music will be played on air.
  6. Music doesn’t have to be classed as Rock. I can move the musical boundaries for this show, within reason. Blues, Folk, World, Jazz and other genre’s have been included in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Gunton

PS: For those who aren’t already aware. I am the Chairman of Hastings Rock radio and therefore have an interest in the radio station.

Blog Post – Copyright Issues For Musicians

As a musician you may well have seen, or heard the initials PRS,PPL or even MCPS, but do you know what they are and how they might benefit you financially?

I’m sure most musicians know that they should get paid if their song is played on the radio, but did you know that you should be receiving money for playing your own songs at a gig?

Well, Phil Little has written a blog post for Pierless Music all about potential Copyright issues for musicians who write their own songs. Find it here:

Many local musicians, who write and record their own material, are missing out on royalty payments. Read Phil’s blog post and make sure that you don’t remain one of them.

Blog Post – A Day In The Life….

Yesterday was a busy and eventful day for Pierless Music.

It was the first day of filming for the video documentary being made about us.

So, i thought i’d share some of what happened with you. Especially as not everything went quite as planned.

To find out more go to the blog post:

Thanks to Sam Kinch for the photo.

Music Maestros Please

As we mentioned in a previous post, Pierless Music are planning to host a weekly show on BURST radio in the near future. In fact, we are hoping to record a two hour special next week.

These shows, which are expected to be an hour long each week, will feature purely original music from the Hastings area. See the ‘About Us’ section for our defintion of the Hastings area.

But, any good radio show needs music and this is where you come in.

If you are in the Hastings area and would like your music to be considered for airplay during the Pierless Music shows, please get in touch.

Contact us via email at:

Please be aware that all music must be original material, be of broadcastable quality and contain no swearing. Music can be on CD, or an mp3.

We don’t really mind which musical genre your music falls into, or the age of the people playing it, just so long as it is good enough for airplay.

Remember, if we don’t have your music, we can’t play it.

Any music submitted may well also be reviewed for this Pierless Music website.

We look forward to hearing from you and we’ll keep you informed of future developments.

Pierless Music – The Documentary

We are very pleased to announce that Pierless Music is going to be the subject of a video documentary.

Myself and Richard had a meeting yesterday to talk through ideas with the producer and to arrange some dates for filming.

The project is for a 20 minute film, talking about how Pierless Music came into being and showing different aspects of what we’re trying to do to help promote and encourage original music in the Hastings area.There may well be an extended version as well, depending on how much content is filmed.

We can’t give full details of what the documentary will contain yet, as we’re still working on aspects of it, as i’m sure you can appreciate. But, we’ll be working with a local band during the filming and hopefully covering an upcoming London gig of theirs as a part of it.

We are also planning a two hour radio show, featuring purely local music, which will also be filmed. This will be for BURST, the online radio station for Hastings and Brighton University and will be recorded at their studios in Havelock Road, in Hastings.

You can find BURST here:

This is the start of what Pierless Music hope will become a regular local music show for BURST. Within these shows we are planning to have interviews and live sessions from local bands and musicians.

As you can imagine, myself and Richard are very excited with these developments and we’re very much looking forward to getting started. These are just the kind of things we were hoping to kick start when we set up Pierless Music in the first place.

Hopefully, there’ll be more to come and we’ll keep you posted of any further developments.

Andy Gunton

Pierless Music on Mixcloud

Pierless Music now has a Mixcloud account and we’ve started to post some ‘Cloudcasts’.

You can access our Mixcloud site either by clicking on the Mixcloud link in the Menu bar above, where there are more details about how we intend to use it, or by going here:

Mixcloud is a service that allows people to upload radio shows and podcasts for free. It also pays royalties, where appropriate and includes links to buy individual tracks that can be purchased via iTunes etc.

Why not check it out?

As a taster, we thought we’d share one of the Local Music Shows that Andy Gunton did for Hastings Rock in May 2012.