Blog Post – Copyright Issues For Musicians

As a musician you may well have seen, or heard the initials PRS,PPL or even MCPS, but do you know what they are and how they might benefit you financially?

I’m sure most musicians know that they should get paid if their song is played on the radio, but did you know that you should be receiving money for playing your own songs at a gig?

Well, Phil Little has written a blog post for Pierless Music all about potential Copyright issues for musicians who write their own songs. Find it here:

Many local musicians, who write and record their own material, are missing out on royalty payments. Read Phil’s blog post and make sure that you don’t remain one of them.

Pierless Music on Mixcloud

Pierless Music now has a Mixcloud account and we’ve started to post some ‘Cloudcasts’.

You can access our Mixcloud site either by clicking on the Mixcloud link in the Menu bar above, where there are more details about how we intend to use it, or by going here:

Mixcloud is a service that allows people to upload radio shows and podcasts for free. It also pays royalties, where appropriate and includes links to buy individual tracks that can be purchased via iTunes etc.

Why not check it out?

As a taster, we thought we’d share one of the Local Music Shows that Andy Gunton did for Hastings Rock in May 2012.