Blog Post – Why Only Original Music?

It’s one of those questions that I’ve been asked many times, “Why is Pierless Music only interested in original local music?”.

It’s a very valid question, as the local music scene is certainly a mixture of both original and non original music. So, I decided to write a blog post to try and explain our reasoning. You can find that post here:

This post was actually written nearly a year ago, but wasn’t posted for some reason. I’ve now updated it slightly.

While you may not agree with our reasoning, hopefully it does help to explain why we think the way that we do here at Pierless Music?

Local Music Show Podcasts

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts here on the Pierless Music website I am currently involved with Hastings Rock radio station and every Sunday during May I am presenting a show dedicated to original local music.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now started podcasting these shows and the first two are now uploaded to the Hastings Rock Mixcloud site for your listening pleasure.

You can find them here:

Latest Hastings Rock’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

The remaining two Local Music Shows will also be uploaded over the coming couple of weeks.

You can find out more about Hastings Rock here:


Original Songwriters Evening

Pierless Music have been made aware of what sounds like a great idea to us. An open mic evening, but with a twist.

Performers can only play material that they have written themselves. The idea being to try and encourage local singer/songwriters to get writing.

These ‘Composers Symposiums’ take place at The Royal Oak, in Rye Foreign on the 1st Thursday of every month. The next one, which will be the 5th event to be held, is scheduled for 4th April.

The session kicks off at around 8.30pm, after the pub has stopped serving food and is free to all. New writers/performers are always welcome. The evening carries on until 10.30-11pm and there is a PA system in place.

More details about The Royal Oak and the ‘Composers Symposium’ can be found on the pubs website:

This sounds like a great idea to us and anything that helps to encourage people to write their own material can only be a good thing.

If you go along to one of these ‘Composers Symposiums’ please let us know what it was like. By the way, you don’t have to be a performer to attend. You are quite welcome to just sit back, have a nice pint and enjoy the music.

Local Music News in the Hastings Observer

Some good news for all fans of original local music in the Hastings area.

I have been asked by the Hastings Observer to write a monthly column for the paper, all about original local music. The first column is due to be included in this Friday’s edition (I believe) and will be published in the Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and Rye editions.

The next column will follow in early April.

As suggested by the title of this post, the columns will only be written about original music and will therefore carry on what we do here at Pierless Music and what I’ve been doing for a number of years at Hastings Rock.

The catchment area will be pretty much the same as well, as you can see from the editions of the paper that will carry the column So, it all fits together very nicely.

As for what will be included in the monthly columns? Well, I plan for it to be a mixture of news about bands/artists/musicians, new music and upcoming gigs/events etc. Also short reviews of both local gigs and new releases.

I’d like to thank the Hastings Observer for having the foresight to commit to a monthly column about original local music. Some may argue that it’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now and I intend to make the most of this opportunity.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that the original local music scene in this area is on the rise and maybe the Hastings Observer have sensed this too?

It can only be a good thing that the wonderful original music created and performed in the Hastings area is exposed to more people. Who knows where it might lead?

Happy reading.

Andy Gunton

Rock n Roll and Beer

We all know that rock n roll and beer make a great combination don’t we? It’s a match made in heaven.

But, it has to be said that the beer served in some venues, especially for us bitter drinkers, can leave a little bit to be desired at times. Many is the time that i’ve had to resort to, whisper it, lager to quench my thirst, because the alternative just wasn’t up to scratch.

We are blessed in the Hastings area with some very good local gig venues that serve great beer and now that very fact has been recognised by none other than the beer drinkers very own organisation CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

The Dolphin down there in Rock A Nore, in the Old Town of Hastings, has recently been awarded the highly prized accolade of  ‘Camra, East Sussex Pub of the Year’ and very well deserved it is too.

Apart from, rather obviously, serving great beer The Dolphin is a very proud and active supporter of local music. Whether that be covers or original music.

The pub and its dedicated team have played host to such varied local acts as Blair, Liane Carroll, Sam Wills and The Sound, Slam, Roger Carey,  Pete Prescott, Blackman Band and even Claire Hamill complete with a choir!

The Dolphin also featured amongst the venues for the recent Fat Tuesday festivities. I was there myself for some of the Unplugged Saturday afternoon session, watching amongst others The Kid Kapichi and King Size Slim. A good time was certainly had by all on that occasion.

As you are no doubt well aware by now, here at Pierless Music we are very keen on supporting original local music and also those, such as The Dolphin, that help to give it the exposure that it richly deserves.

It’s also good to see a local venue get recognised for the beer that they serve to those thirsty gig goers as well. After all it is an essential part of the whole rock n roll experience. So, well done to all concerned.

(No hops were harmed in the writing of this post)


Well, the new year has finally arrived, but what does it hold in store for Pierless Music i hear you ask?

Both Rich and myself are excited by the possibilities that 2013 might hold for both Pierless Music and for the Hastings music scene in general.

Pierless Music itself is still in its early stages. Some of the ideas that we both originally thought of persuing have been put onto the back burner, for now at least. But, new ones have emerged and we are tending to go with the flow rather than stick to a rigid ‘plan’. I’ve always thought that that’s the best plan anyway.

So far, we’ve met some interesting and inspiring people. Movers and shakers, musicians etc and i’m sure that there are many more to meet and maybe work with over the coming months.

One common denominator with all of those people has been a love of the original music that comes out of this town and also a determination to get that music heard, whether that be just locally, or further afield.

Over the past few months, since the launch of Pierless Music, i have been introduced to new musicians and exposed to new music, all of which has only gone to reinforce the reasons why we started this project in the first place. The standard and diversity of that music and musicianship is truly amazing and its qualities deserve to be shouted from the rooftops.

So, over the coming year we intend to be doing just that, in whatever way we can. It would be good if we could encourage other people to do that as well. As i’ve already mentioned, there are local people doing just that, but there is always room for more.

If you’d like to do some of that shouting yourself, please get in touch with us here at Pierless Music. We’d love to be able to give you a platform and a voice, if we can.

We have a good feeling about 2013 and we’re excited by its prospects.

We feel that something is building up within the Hastings music scene. Whether that be things like the re-opening of ‘The Crypt’, the imminent rebuilding of Hastings pier, the wider exposure of certain local bands, or just the impending release of new music from original local artists, it’s all moving in the right direction. The ‘buzz’ is growing and that can only be a good thing.

Here’s hoping that 2013 actually delivers and lives up to some of those expectations. At Pierless Music we’ll certainly be doing our best to try and make at least some of those expectations become reality.

What about you?