Pay To Play

If you’re an aspiring band or artist and have ever attempted to get some gigs further afield from your home town, you’ve probably come across the phenomenon that is known as ‘Pay To Play’.

You know the kind of thing where the promoter, or venue says that they can’t or won’t pay you for your performance and tell you that ‘it will be good promotion for your band’ and that ‘that’s just the way things are these days’.

This may well suit you under certain circumstances, but…..

Well, you might be pleased to hear that it’s not just the new, up and coming artists that have to put up with this kind of thing. It seems that even the biggest acts in the world are spun the same rubbish as well. As this blog post by the very readable Helienne Lindvall shows:

Of course this is not something that just happens in London and other big cities, it happens in most smaller towns as well. Thankfully not all venues and promoters do this, but many do.

This is a big issue, with several sides and varying points of view and one that I could probably talk about for hours, so I don’t intend to go into it all here.

What I thought I would do though is to point you towards a couple of Facebook groups that talk about these issues. If nothing else it proves that you’re not alone and that it’s not just the ‘little people’ that are affected.

Here’s a link to a Facebook group started up to highlight and discuss musicians being asked to play for free. The group was actually started after problems with the London 2012 Olympics. You might have to join the group to get involved:

Of course, this doesn’t just affect the music industry. It has become an issue across many fields too, such as journalism.

Here’s a link to another Facebook group called ‘Stop Working For Free’, this time started by respected music journalist Barney Hoskyns. It’s aimed at journalists, musicians, photographers and others as well. Once again you may have to join to get the full benefit:

Why not share your own story?



It’s Monday, so we thought we’d brighten up the start of your week with a new local video.

Ceyote are one of our favourite young local bands. But unfortunately they have yet to release any ‘proper’ recordings, just demo’s.

Thankfully though a live video has now been made of one of their tracks, ‘Sun’, which is a good substitute for now and does give a decent indication of what Ceyote sound like.

‘Sun’ was recorded during a recent London gig by the band, at The Black Heart in Camden.

If you liked that, you can find out more about Ceyote via their Facebook page at:

Now you can get on with the rest of your week.

From Hastings To The World

One of the aims of Pierless Music has always been to see original local bands make that transition from being a local band, to being one that spreads its wings and starts to play outside of the area. Even if that means not playing locally as much anymore.

As if to emphasise this the Pierless Music slogan is ‘From Hastings to the World’. Hence the title of this particular post.

Well, three of our younger Hastings based bands are now doing just that.

Hornet, Maid Of Ace and The Kid Kapichi have progressed far enough for them to now be headlining London gigs. That can only be good news.

Recently, Hornet headlined the O2 Academy 2 in Islington.

On September 27th The Kid Kapichi are returning to headline the Barfly in Camden.

And on the following day Maid Of Ace are headlining the Black Heart venue, also in Camden.

This is of course no guarantee of any future success. But it does at least show that all three bands are both good enough to hold their own in London and that they all have the ambition and drive to move forward.

Let’s hope that Hornet, The Kid Kapichi and Maid Of Ace will be just the first three of many more local bands that make that transition. I know that there are already at least a couple more bands waiting in the wings to do just that.

London first, next stop the rest of the world?

The Kid Kapichi go to London….

…. and you can come too.

In a recent post, all about 2013:, we talked about how there was a sense of some momentum building with regard to original local music from Hastings.

One aspect of this was the expected wider exposure that some of our local bands would be getting in 2013. Well, one of those bands are The Kid Kapichi.

The Kid Kapichi self released their debut album, ‘Gin & Chronic’, in August of 2012. You can read a review of the album here:

You can listen to 4 tracks from ‘Gin & Chronic’ here:

Since that release the band have completed a short UK tour and have also played a blinding set at the Camden Barfly in November, as well as some very well received local gigs.

On Saturday, 12th January The Kid Kapichi are back in London playing a headline show at the Hoxton Underbelly club, a show booked off the back of that aforementioned Camden Barfly gig.

To enable local fans to go and support the band in London, they have arranged a coach to take you there and they’ll even bring you back too.

Details are as follows.
The coach leaves The Tubman pub, in Cambridge Road, at 6pm on 12th January. The coach fare is £10 per person.
It will return after the gig, leaving London at around 1am.

Entry to the gig is £5. But, if you get your name on the bands list by the 11th January it will only cost you £4.

The Kid Kapichi are due on stage at 10.30pm.

If you want a seat on the coach, contact Jack on: 07414 440408 or let the band know via their Facebook page at:

If it’s anything like the Camden Barfly gig, it promises to be a great evening and well worth making the effort to get there.

If you can’t make that gig, or if you live further afield, The Kid Kapichi are playing two gigs in Liverpool on the following weekend.
Friday, 18th January – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool (This gig has now been cancelled)
Saturday, 19th January – Lomax, Liverpool

PS: Disclosure time:
Myself and Rich must declare an interest here, as we both have a connection with The Kid Kapichi and have been doing some work with them recently.                                          Mind you, that’s because we both know that they are very worthy of the attention and deserve to go far.                                                                                                               In fact you will find us both at the Hoxton Underbelly gig and also in Liverpool.

See you there?

Pierless Music – The Documentary

We are very pleased to announce that Pierless Music is going to be the subject of a video documentary.

Myself and Richard had a meeting yesterday to talk through ideas with the producer and to arrange some dates for filming.

The project is for a 20 minute film, talking about how Pierless Music came into being and showing different aspects of what we’re trying to do to help promote and encourage original music in the Hastings area.There may well be an extended version as well, depending on how much content is filmed.

We can’t give full details of what the documentary will contain yet, as we’re still working on aspects of it, as i’m sure you can appreciate. But, we’ll be working with a local band during the filming and hopefully covering an upcoming London gig of theirs as a part of it.

We are also planning a two hour radio show, featuring purely local music, which will also be filmed. This will be for BURST, the online radio station for Hastings and Brighton University and will be recorded at their studios in Havelock Road, in Hastings.

You can find BURST here:

This is the start of what Pierless Music hope will become a regular local music show for BURST. Within these shows we are planning to have interviews and live sessions from local bands and musicians.

As you can imagine, myself and Richard are very excited with these developments and we’re very much looking forward to getting started. These are just the kind of things we were hoping to kick start when we set up Pierless Music in the first place.

Hopefully, there’ll be more to come and we’ll keep you posted of any further developments.

Andy Gunton