New Local Music Videos

Here are two new videos from local artists that we’ve featured on this Pierless Music site before.

First up is a brand new track, from a forthcoming album by King Bathmat. The track, ‘Sentinel’, is taken from their ‘Overcoming The Monster’ album which is released on July 22nd on Stereohead Records. It’s their second album in a year!

Good track and an interesting video too.

Next we have another video from the ‘Jupiter’ album by Harvey Summers. This time the track is ‘Hey Spaceman’ and as you can see, it’s a bit of a homage to the late Carl Sagan and why not? I know that Harvey was a fan of Carl Sagan’s tv show ‘Cosmos’. As indeed was I.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and please let us know about any other good quality local music videos that you come across on your wanderings around the Internet.

King Bathmat – Truth Button

Local prog rockers King Bathmat are back with the release of their 6th album ‘Truth Button’. The album was released worldwide on 21st January on Sterohead Records.

For the uninitiated King Bathmat are the brainchild of singer/guitarist and songwriter John Bassett. Although John has been releasing albums under the King Bathmat name since 2003, it is only over the past couple of years that the project has expanded and now includes 3 other band members.

King Bathmat’s music has been described as “The sound of Pink Floyd wrestling with Kasabian” and “Black Sabbath cuddled by extravagant ELO harmonies”.

If you want to find out for yourself whether these decriptions are correct, you can listen to the band’s music on ReverbNation:

‘Truth Button’ is also available to buy on various sites, such as iTunes and Amazon.

More info about the album and King Bathmat can be found on the band’s website at:

I was going to write a review of ‘Truth Button’ myself. But if you look at their website, where you can read some reviews, you can see that the album has been getting a lot of attention worldwide on websites, magazines and radio stations as well. All of which is very good news for the band, especially as the reviews have been very positive.

King Bathmat even had a track from the album featured on the cover CD of the latest issue of ‘Prog Magazine’. The album is reviewed in the magazine as well.

Just to prove that King Bathmat are not standing still, John Bassett has 60% of the bands next album already written. You can’t keep a good man down.

Archived Reviews

At Pierless Music we have trawling through our archives, or searching through our attic, whichever version you wish to believe.

In the course of our rummaging, we have come across some old reviews written by Andy Gunton. Some going back as far as 1998! They are mostly album reviews, but there are a few old gig reviews too.

So, we’ve decided to share some of them with you and have created a special section for them on this site. They have been shared as they were written and with the original publication dates, where known.

If you fancy a bit of time travel, you can find them by going to the Menus at the top of the page and then clicking:

Reviews – Archived reviews – *Band Name*

So far we have reviews posted of albums by The Dharmas, King Bathmat, Logan Wilson, Donkey Kong Jr and Phil Hudson.

Who knows what else we might unearth in the future?