New Local Music Videos

Here are two new videos from local artists that we’ve featured on this Pierless Music site before.

First up is a brand new track, from a forthcoming album by King Bathmat. The track, ‘Sentinel’, is taken from their ‘Overcoming The Monster’ album which is released on July 22nd on Stereohead Records. It’s their second album in a year!

Good track and an interesting video too.

Next we have another video from the ‘Jupiter’ album by Harvey Summers. This time the track is ‘Hey Spaceman’ and as you can see, it’s a bit of a homage to the late Carl Sagan and why not? I know that Harvey was a fan of Carl Sagan’s tv show ‘Cosmos’. As indeed was I.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and please let us know about any other good quality local music videos that you come across on your wanderings around the Internet.

Local Music News – April 2013

I mentioned not long ago that I was going to be writing a monthly Local Music News column for the Hastings Observer.

Well, the first and introductory column was published in March and the second appeared a week ago.

With the agreement of the Hastings Observer I shall be reposting those columns here, after a suitable pause.

So, without further delay here is my column for April:

“Two new albums by local tunesmiths and with a connection too, have come my way this month. Both are very worthy of your attention.

The first by Otti Albietz, Bubbytone 2, is released on BBE Records. I was lucky enough to attend the album launch gig at St Mary-in-the-Castle. An evening filled with great music and huge cardboard cut-outs.

Otti Albietz is one of those unique local talents that deserves wider attention and Bubbytone 2 demonstrates exactly why.

Bubbytone 2 is produced by Harvey Summers, who just happens to have recently released his own latest solo album Jupiter, which is already getting BBC radio play and quite rightly so. You always know that anything Harvey is involved with will sound great and Jupiter is no exception. The album is released on Big Village Records.

Tracks from both Bubbytone 2 and Jupiter are certain to be played on Hastings Rock radio which returns to the local airwaves again (87.7FM) on May 4.

As in previous years I will be presenting a local music show on the station. So, if you’re in a local band and want to hear yourselves on the radio contact me via:

All music must be original material, contain no swearing and be of broadcast quality.

Finally, The Garry Blakeley Band return for some local gigs just in time for the May Day festivities. Entitled Celebrate, the shows are in two parts. The first half is based around a day in the life of Thomas Hardy and the second is a rendition of Garry and Rose Blakeley’s The Ceremony of May album, which is a celebration of Jack-in-the-Green. Very appropriate. Local dates are; April 25/26 at Stables Theatre, Hastings, April 28 at Rye Community Centre.

More info can be found at:

See you again next month.

Andy Gunton

Album Review – Jupiter by Harvey Summers

The new album by local producer/musician and songwriter Harvey Summers has just been released. It’s called ‘Jupiter’ and very good it is too.

Tony May has kindly written a review of the album for Pierless Music.

You can read it here:

Harvey Summers is a keen supporter of original local music and has produced albums by several local bands/musicians, including the new album from Otti Albietz, ‘Bubbytone 2′.

You always know that when Harvey is involved with a project, it is going to sound great and ‘Jupiter’ is no exception to that rule.

Why not have a read and then take a listen?

Harvey Summers – Video Interview

We’ve mentioned previously that local producer and musician Harvey Summers had a new album due for release shortly. Well, his album ‘Jupiter’ will be available in early 2013.

In the meantime, Harvey has done a video interview, talking about the upcoming ‘Jupiter’ album and some of the tracks on it.

You can see that video here:

Pierless Music have been lucky enough to hear the album already and can confirm that it sounds just as good as you’d expect it to.

The single from the album, ‘Bon Hiver’, can be heard on our Soundcloud Sampler Playlist :


Harvey Summers – New Album & Single

Local musician and producer of many local artists, Harvey Summers, is back with some much awaited new solo material.

A brand new album ‘Jupiter’ will be released on Harvey’s own ‘Big Village Records’ label in November. It features double bass from legendary player Danny Thompson on the title track. That’s something we’re looking forward to hearing. Pierless Music will be reviewing the album as soon as we can get our grubby hands on a copy.

In the meantime and as a bit of a taster for ‘Jupiter’, Harvey has released his first single from the album.

The single, which came out on October 13th, is called ‘Bon Hiver’, it’s French for “good winter”. It features Harvey himself on multiple instruments as per usual, Sacha Trochet on drums and a brass section led by trombonist David Holt. Apparently there is also something called ‘moog taurus’ on the bass guitar. Sounds intriguing.

Any fans of the American tv series ‘Northern Exposure’ might spot a reference in the singles title. We know that Harvey is a big fan of the show. Let us know if you spot it yourself.

Pierless Music have added ‘Bon Hiver’ to our Soundcloud Playlist and have even made it the lead track. You can get hear it here:

‘Bon Hiver’ can be bought via iTunes, where it has already reached No. 10 in the iTunes singer/songwriter new release charts. It is also available from Bandcamp and on CD direct from Harvey via:

If the weather behaves, which seems highly unlikely at the moment, Harvey is recording a video for ‘Bon Hiver’ on Monday 22nd October. Let’s hope the clouds clear in time.

We’ll share the video with you when we can.

Happy listening.