Otti Albeitz Interview

We have just created a brand new section on the Pierless Music website called ‘Interviews’.

In the future we hope to bring you interviews with musicians and others involved in the local music scene. These interviews may be written, audio, or even on video. They will all be posted into the ‘Interviews’ section.

Our first interview is with Otti Albietz, a Hastings based singer-songwriter.

You can find that interview here:

This interview was kindly submitted to Pierless Music by ‘Indieed Kids’, who wrote an album review for us recently.

Thanks once again to them and if you’d like to submit something yourself, please get in touch.

‘Gin & Chronic’ by The Kid Kapichi – Album Review

Just added to the Pierless Music ‘Reviews’ section is a review of the album ‘Gin & Chronic’ by The Kid Kapichi.

Find it here:

The review was supplied to us by Indieed Kids: Thanks to them for that.

We were going to write our own review of ‘Gin & Chronic’. But, our own feelings about the album are so close to what Indieed Kids have written, that we thought we’d use theirs instead. Go have a read and find out what your ears are missing out on.

In their review, Indieed Kids mention how well the album is produced, something we at Pierless Music totally agree with. As they don’t mention the album production credits in the review, we thought we’d share them here.

‘Gin & Chronic’ was recorded by Rufus Jonathon Paul Evans and James Gulliver. Produced and mixed by James Gulliver. Mastered by Dick Beetham and the album artwork is by William Suckling.

For a little taster of the album, here’s a tour video of The Kid Kapichi which includes the opening track from ‘Gin & Chronic’, ‘Alley Sally’. Enjoy.