Hastings Rock radio (Again)

A while ago I posted about the return of Hastings Rock radio for its 20th anniversary broadcast. Well, the start of transmission is nigh and the radio station begins broadcasting on Saturday 4th May on 87.7FM locally and across the world via an Internet stream.

You may well have read a bit more about Hastings Rock via a recent article in the Hastings Observer: http://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/local-news/radio-station-is-still-rocking-after-20-years-1-5016640

Hastings Rock prides itself on playing original local music during its 28 day broadcasts and this has been happening for most, if not all, of the 15 separate broadcasts that have taken place during those 20 years. 2013 will mark the 16th actual broadcast.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be presenting a dedicated Local Music Show on Sunday evenings, in May, between 8 & 10pm. During those shows I shall try and fit in as much local music as I can and I already have more than enough to play, but I’m always open to hearing more.

Just because Hastings Rock is a rock station doesn’t mean that I’ll only be playing classic rock music though. I tend to try and stretch the musical boundaries of the station as much as I can during my Local Music Shows. Therefore, expect to hear Blues, Folk, World and much more besides. I do have to draw the line sometimes, but I have always tried to have what I call an ‘open ear policy’ when it comes to music.

Local music is also played as a part of Hastings Rocks ‘A List’. The best tracks that have been sent in will get regular airplay during normal scheduled shows throughout the 28 days. There aren’t many, if any, other radio stations that can claim to do that.

If you miss the Local Music Shows I do intend to post them as ‘Podcasts’ here on the Pierless Music site at some time. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

For more info about Hastings Rock, why not visit the stations website:


Andy Gunton


Hastings Rock 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Hastings Rock radio will be returning, license permitting, once again in May 2013. The station will be the on air from Saturday 4th May until midnight on Friday 31st May, probably on the usual 87.7FM frequency & also via the Internet.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the very first Hastings Rock broadcast back in August of 1993. So there is bound be an air of celebration surrounding this years proceedings.

Local company Booker & Best are very kindly sponsoring this years Hastings Rock broadcast and the station will, once again, be supporting and raising awareness for St Michael’s Hospice throughout their 28 days on air.

I will give more information about this years Hastings Rock broadcast nearer the time, including a full programme schedule. But, for the moment I just wanted to publicise my own Local Music Shows that I’ll be doing once again on Sunday evenings throughout May.

This year those Local Music Shows will be on at the slightly later time of 8-10pm on Sunday evenings.

But, for those shows to take place I need your music. I have already started getting local music together for inclusion, but I know there’s more out there waiting to be heard. So, if your music fits the following criteria/rules please get in touch with me via Pierless Music. The email address is: andy@pierlessmusic.co.uk

  1. All music must be original material, no cover versions.
  2. No swearing.
  3. You, or your band must come from the Hastings, Eastbourne, Rye, Battle and Robertsbridge area.
  4. All music must be on CD or mp3 and be of broadcastable quality.
  5. There is no guarantee that your music will be played on air.
  6. Music doesn’t have to be classed as Rock. I can move the musical boundaries for this show, within reason. Blues, Folk, World, Jazz and other genre’s have been included in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Gunton

PS: For those who aren’t already aware. I am the Chairman of Hastings Rock radio and therefore have an interest in the radio station.

Deja Vu all over again

Just when you thought the whole local band reunion thing was over, along comes another gig featuring some old favourites.

Mumm-Ra (more about them later) and Youngplan started it all off with their gigs at Flairz in October 2012. Then The Candys decided to tread the boards one more time at the Brass Monkey in December and very good they were too.

Now, it’s the turn of Mookie, Star Scream (ok they never split up, they just don’t play locally) and The Crayons. They’ve even managed to rope in Sam Little, from such bands as Fleeing From Finales, to play an acoustic set.

The big reunion takes place at the Brass Monkey on Friday, 8th March and they’ve even got a Facebook Event page for you to visit to get more details:


Personally, i’ve never been a huge fan of band reunions. Maybe the cynic in me just ends up questioning the motives behind it all? But, i really don’t think that’s the case with these recent local band reunions. After all, it’s not as if they’re doing it for the money is it?

I intend to be at the Brass Monkey on March 8th to see these bands once again. After all, i’ve played all of them on Hastings Rock at some time in the past. So, it will be good to get reaquainted with their music.

Now back to Mumm-Ra.

Something seems to be stirring within the Mumm-Ra camp, as they’ve been posting cryptic Tweets recently. These Tweets lead you towards a new band website, which you can find here: http://www.mumm-ra.net/

When you get there, all you see is the wording “Summer 2013″. Hmm… all very mysterious.

Watch this space for more developments.



Some of you out there may well remember a local singer/songwriter by the name of Adeline.

Although, originally from France, Adeline lived in Hastings for a number of years. I remember playing tracks from her album ‘Promesses’ on Hastings Rock radio and also introducing her at various local events, including Beatles Day.

Well, she moved to Spain around a year ago and now lives, i believe, in Barcelona. She is still playing her music regularly in local venues in the city.

But, she is now set for some well deserved wider exposure as her voice is currently being used on a new TV advert for a SEAT Leon car. You can see the advert here:

If you liked what you heard there and i certainly do, you can download the song from iTunes and Amazon. The track is called ‘Fly (Featuring Adeline)’ and is by a band called TR13.

You can find out more about Adeline via here website: http://www.adeline-music.com/ or her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adelinemusicpage

Although Adeline doesn’t live in the area anymore, i always think it’s good to see ex Hastonians making an impression elsewhere. So, well done Adeline.

Blog Post – The Future Is Safe In Their Hands

We’ve added a new blog post called ‘The Future Is Safe In Their Hands’.

You can read it here:


In this post Andy talks about the new generation of young musicians in the Hastings area. The post was inspired by an evening watching some of these musicians in Tin Tins, in Robertson St.

It’s a bit of an epic post by the way.