New Local Music Videos

It’s been a while, so we thought we’d bring you some of the latest local music videos that have come to our attention.

First off are Kid Kapichi and the track ‘Take It Slow’, which comes from their upcoming EP of new songs. We’ve been lucky enough to hear the whole EP and it’s a cracker.

Kid Kapichi recently played the The Forum in Tunbridge Wells as a part of the venue’s ‘Showcase’ series of gigs.

Find Kid Kapichi at:

Next a new band that have connections with Kid Kapichi. The band are Bosco Rogers, who are Del and Barth. They label themselves as ‘flower punk ruffians’ and who are we to argue with that?

Bosco Rogers are already making an impression, as they’ve recenty been played by both Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music, among other places.

This track, ‘The Middle’ is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Googoo’. Once again Pierless Music have got our grubby hands on a copy already and it’s well worth looking out for.

Find Bosco Rogers at:

And last, but by no means least, are Dorey The Wise. The track is called ‘Rise and Fall’ and it’s the title track from their recent EP. Their new single, from the same EP, called ‘Brave New Light’, has just been released.

Since this video was made the band have added a new bass player to their ranks.

Dorey The Wise played a storming gig at Flairz last week, as headliners for the first ‘Off Axis’ gig in the South of England.

Find Dorey The Wise at:

Three great videos, from three great bands who are making an impression outside of the local area.

Good for them and long may that continue.

As always, if you know of any good local music videos that we may have missed, please let us know. Thanks.

Off Axis with Dorey The Wise

Another Stinger related post, or maybe it’s just that the magazine times these things well?

This Friday, 14th November at Flairz in Hastings, the first Off Axis gig in the South East takes place.

Headliners are Dorey the Wise who were featured in the latest issue of The Stinger and who played an Off Axis gig themselves recently in Chester. Read that article here:

For the uninitiated, Off Axis is a new and exciting gig swap idea which allows bands from across the country to play gigs to potential new fans, outside of their own local area.

Off Axis is an idea that is fully supported by Pierless Music, The Stinger and also Hastings Fat Tuesday. The Stinger has already covered Off Axis in the magazine and we hope to be working closely with the Off Axis team in the near future.

We’d certainly urge Hastings based bands to get involved, as its free to sign up. For more information about Off Axis follow this link:

Dorey The Wise are currently enjoying some great exposure. The band recently released a new single ‘Brave New Light’, which has come to the attention of Amazing Radio DJ, Charlie Ashcroft, who said “I absolutely love it, (it’s) one of those tracks that seems to have a certain Britishness to it, a track that’s impressed a lot of us in the Amazing Radio office.”

‘Brave New Light’ was also played on BBC Introducing: The South, last Saturday. You can hear that show via this link. Dorey The Wise are played around the 10 minute mark:

Support acts for this Off Axis gig are a new local band, Follow and The Floodgates, who hail from the Tunbridge Wells area.

It promises to be a great gig, hopefully we’ll see you there?

(Dorey The Wise photo by Pat Pope:


2013 is rapidly turning into the year of the reformation. The reformation of local bands that is.

Latest to join this ever growing list are rockers Zucchini, who are getting back together for a one off gig at Flairz, in Hastings on Saturday 23rd November.

I can remember seeing Zucchini several times during their heyday of around 2004 at such venues as The Crypt and I’m sure I’m not alone. I even remember playing their music on Hastings Rock as well. They were a good live band back then, so it promises to be a great night and one to help relive many past memories.

Gig entry is free and doors open at 8pm. See the Facebook Event page for more details:

Support on the night is provided by Star Scream, Jetpack Elastic and Anal Dave.

The band told me they felt that the time was right for a one off renunion. And as far as I’m aware, there are no plans for further gigs, or recordings.

This gig is also aiming to raise money for the Cancer Research UK charity, a very worthy cause. Any donations will get you a copy of Zucchini’s 2004 album ‘Fallen Star’, which can’t be bad.

I think I’m going to have to dig out my own copy to refresh my memory in time for the gig.

It’s been a while.

Peter Bruntnell at Flairz

While Pierless Music is here primarily to support music that originates from the Hastings area. We also want to help publicise gigs and events by musicians that choose to play in the local area.

One such is Peter Bruntnell, who is playing at Flairz, in Havelock Road, Hastings this Thursday, 31st October.

Mojo magazine said of him, ”Since 1995 Bruntnell has been making country rock-flavoured music to rival Wilco.” And said, “Showcasing why – even after twenty years – Peter Bruntnell remains as one of Britain’s finest (and most overlooked) songwriters.” Sounds good doesn’t he?

For more info about the gig and to buy tickets go here:

On the night Peter will be supported by Small Town Jones. Doors open at 8pm and admission is £8.

One of the things that Pierless Music want to do, in our collaboration with the Fat Tuesday team, is to help promote Hastings as a place of musical tourism. So, the more great musicians like Peter Bruntnell that come to play in Hastings the better.

Why not go along and give him a warm welcome.

New Gig Night In Hastings

A brand new gig night comes to Hastings this coming Saturday, 9th March.

Never Been Kissed Promotions are starting what they hope will become a regular evening of original music at Flairz, in Hastings. Their plan is to help feature not only original local talent, but also to bring in some great new bands from across the country as well.

It all sounds like a great idea and we at Pierless Music wish them well with their venture.

You can find out more info about this first gig on their Facebook Event page:

As you can see this first gig features 4 acts. Two from Hastings and two from out of town.

Headliners, The Harkes, hail from Eastbourne and are a 4 piece Punk/Rock/Pop band formed in 2010. They draw their influences from Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and The Gaslight Anthem amongst others. They have a 10 track album in the works at the moment, due for release in April.

They are supported by up and coming local rockers 1,000 Tons, who are well worth catching. They have been together for 18 months and recently impressed the crowds at Fat Tuesday. 1,000 Tons are in the process of recording an EP with Kevin Vanbergen, who has worked with Nick Cave and Sade in the past.

All the way from Suffolk comes Rhiannon Mair. Rhiannon has been gigging in and around London for 5 years with the band Just Like Little People, but has now been a solo performer for over a year. She recently raised the money for the recording of her debut album “It Goes Like This” via Pledge Music. The album, which was mastered at Abbey Road, is due out in April.

Starting off the evening is St Leonards based singer/songwriter Jerri-Leigh Brodie, who has been making a name for herself locally over the past year.

The evening kicks off at 8pm and entry is only £3. There are even special drinks promotions to try and tempt you through the door. Can’t be bad.

(Thanks to Kev Young for his help with this piece)

Deja Vu all over again

Just when you thought the whole local band reunion thing was over, along comes another gig featuring some old favourites.

Mumm-Ra (more about them later) and Youngplan started it all off with their gigs at Flairz in October 2012. Then The Candys decided to tread the boards one more time at the Brass Monkey in December and very good they were too.

Now, it’s the turn of Mookie, Star Scream (ok they never split up, they just don’t play locally) and The Crayons. They’ve even managed to rope in Sam Little, from such bands as Fleeing From Finales, to play an acoustic set.

The big reunion takes place at the Brass Monkey on Friday, 8th March and they’ve even got a Facebook Event page for you to visit to get more details:

Personally, i’ve never been a huge fan of band reunions. Maybe the cynic in me just ends up questioning the motives behind it all? But, i really don’t think that’s the case with these recent local band reunions. After all, it’s not as if they’re doing it for the money is it?

I intend to be at the Brass Monkey on March 8th to see these bands once again. After all, i’ve played all of them on Hastings Rock at some time in the past. So, it will be good to get reaquainted with their music.

Now back to Mumm-Ra.

Something seems to be stirring within the Mumm-Ra camp, as they’ve been posting cryptic Tweets recently. These Tweets lead you towards a new band website, which you can find here:

When you get there, all you see is the wording “Summer 2013″. Hmm… all very mysterious.

Watch this space for more developments.


Mumm-Ra & Youngplan – Gig Review

Well, did you manage to get tickets for either of the Mumm-Ra gigs over the weekend?

If so, what did you think?

Pierless Music were in attendance for Friday’s gig and Andy even managed to sneak back to see the gig on Saturday as well.

Here are his thoughts on both gigs:

Why not let us know your own thoughts on the gigs?

New Blog Post – Together Again

It seems these days that all bands that split up are destined to reform and play together once again.

Pierless Music’s Andy Gunton has written a blog post about this and how this trend seems to have caught on locally as well.


Find it here:


Mumm-Ra Reunion Show Tickets.

Tickets for the Mumm-Ra reunion show, with Youngplan supporting, are now on sale.

They can be bought from behind the bar at Flairz in Havelock Road, Hastings, the venue for the gig on 19th October.

Tickets are priced at £3 each and are expected to sell out very quickly, so hurry on down to Flairz. There are only a limited amount of tickets available from Flairz itself by the way.

Online ticket sales are expected to be announced any time now. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled.

We got ticket numbers 50 and 51 by the way :)


Tickets now on sale online: There are only 35 tickets available and they cost £5. The online price difference is not the fault of the band by the way. Now Sold Out!

But, if you didn’t manage to get tickets for this show, read this from the Facebook event page:


This extra date will also be at Flairz and will be on Saturday, 20th October 2012.

Mumm-Ra are back……

…. But, before you all get too excited, it’s only for one night.

The boys from Bexhill announced via their official Twitter page ( on the 27th September, that they’d be playing a one off gig at Flairz, in Hastings, on Friday 19th October 2012.

Tickets are only £3 and are sure to sell out very quickly. The doors open at 7.30pm on the night.

Mumm-Ra have also set up an event page for the gig on Facebook:

This is how they announced the gig there:

“54 Months ago Mumm-Ra played what would become their last ever gig in the Cambridge Barfly. It was a great moment, but since the band’s split it never felt like we really gave the close fans the send off they deserved… Until now…

The time has come… After almost 5 years in the musical abyss, Mumm-Ra are back for a one off show at Flairz in Hastings!!!

Not only that but we have an amazing support act lined up for a show that will surely take us back to a time when indie ruled the world!”

As yet, details of actual ticket sales haven’t been released.

As has been pointed out on the Facebook page, Flairz is not the biggest venue in the world. So, the scramble for those tickets could be interesting.

It’s amazing to think that it’s already been 5 years since Mumm-Ra split.

It’s good to have them back, albeit briefly.

Watch this space for more news.