Blog Post – Music Video Making

This is a very timely guest post I think.

As you may have noticed, here at Pierless Music we’ve been featuring quite a few new local music videos recently. So, it seemed like the right time to feature a post all about video making and some of the myths and realities about it. And one written by somebody who deals with music video making on a day to day basis too.

The post was written by Tai Campbell from EPiK Music Videos in London:

You can find the post, ‘Music Video Making – Myths and Realities‘, here:

If you’re in a local band and are thinking about making a video to help showcase one of your songs, there is some great advice within that post.

And this is the kind of video that EPik Music Videos can help you with:

Thanks to Tai for sending us that post. If you want to send in your own, please contact us and we’ll give it a read.