New Local Music Videos

We’ve spotted two brand new videos from local acts this week, so we thought we’d share them with you here.

First we have what we believe is the first ever video from Sand Rabbit.

The song is called ‘In The Corners’ and it comes from their album ‘The Panther Blade’, which was released in 2013.

As a friend of Pierless Music, Stu Huggett, said about the video, “Skating and drinking feature. It’s a Hastings thing”

Sand Rabbit: In The Corners, Official Video from Sand Rabbit on Vimeo.

Secondly, we have a new video from Claire Hamill. The song is called ‘Trees’, which originally featured on her 1988 abum ‘Love in the Afternoon’, although this is a reworking of that song.

The video can only be described as ‘kaleidoscopic’.

As always, if you see any new local music videos that we may have missed, please let us know.

The Live Room

I think most of us would agree that music television isn’t what it once was.

With the notable exception of ‘Later…. with Jools Holland’, there really is nothing on mainstream TV these days to compete with the likes of The Tube, Old Grey Whistle Test, or even Top Of The Pops from days gone by.

Ok, so you can watch music videos to your hearts content, but that’s not the same as seeing a band, or act, playing live is it?

Thankfully the rise of the Internet, and sites such as YouTube, has enabled budding TV executives to go it alone and do it themselves.

Once such local man doing just that is producer Harvey Summers, who we have featured on the Pierless Music site before.

Harvey has just uploaded the second recorded session, called ‘The Live Room’, to his own Broadoak Studios YouTube channel.

This live session features local bluesman John Pearson, very ably backed by The Outriders, who are Sacha Trochet and Jem Turpin. If you like a bit of authentic blues, then I suggest you give the video a viewing.

When I asked Harvey why he had started this venture he told me, “The idea had been rattling around my head for a couple of years until eventually everything came together and I was able to go ahead. My thinking was that I love seeing musicians perform, and I love a great sound!”

“Also, nice interesting visuals help and atmosphere is key also. Nothing seemed to exist to satisfy my wants! There’s Later with Jools, and Live lounge etc, but apart from being a bit corporate and exclusive, they don’t have either vibey atmospheric surroundings nor a very interesting sound”

“I also wanted to create the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing talent there is around, but that doesn’t get a look in by the mainstream media”

A man after my own heart.

The plan is for ‘The Live Room’ sessions to be recorded and uploaded as near to monthly as possible. All sessions are filmed and recorded live at Harvey’s own Broadoak Studios. The next session, which features Claire Hamill, has already been recorded and is now at the editing stage.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire and her doing a live session for my recent radio shows on Carnival FM and if the quality is anything as good as that, we’re in for a treat.

When asked about future shows Harvey said, “Future shows look promising too! We’ve got Jemima Price (a singer Sacha Trochet works with) and Zoe Konez is also interested. And, I’m very pleased to hear that Danny Thompson can’t wait to come and do a show with us too! And who he performs with is going to be very interesting!

“If time allows, we may do a kind of Christmas special too, featuring a few different acts. I’ll be talking to a really wide range of musicians from all styles about it, some totally unknown, some very well-known!”

As for the criteria for the sessions, Harvey’s idea “Is to go for variety, no two shows will be the same – so choosing who to feature is guided by a few things, firstly, are they interesting performers? Secondly, is the quality right up there? and then, are they different, are they saying something in a unique way?”

We wish Harvey well with this venture. It’s good to see some of our areas great musicians playing and talking about the music that they love, or that they’ve written themselves.

Here’s to many more episodes of ‘The Live Room’. I, for one, will certainly be watching.


Claire Hamill – Interview and Videos

Well, the Carnival FM broadcast is now over, but even if you missed it there is still a way to experience at least a part of it.

During the course of the broadcast I presented a series of Local Music programmes, during which we had live sessions and interviews with ten different local acts.

One of those was Claire Hamill. Because of her commitments, we had to pre-record both her interview and live session. The benefit of this though was that the interview was able to be longer than those during the live shows.

Here is a video of that interview. We had planned to talk for around five minutes, but ended up talking for twenty nine!

After the interview Claire performed three songs, one of which was brand new.

Here are the videos of those songs. Enjoy:

Thanks to the guys at ‘Rock A Nore Productions’ for filming and editing the video footage.

More videos from the Carnival FM Local Music Shows are available on their YouTube channel:

Gig Review – Claire Hamill at Saltburn Conservative Club

I know what you’re thinking having seen the heading to this post.

Saltburn?! But, that’s miles away from Hastings. And, of course, you’d be right.

But, this is Claire Hamill we’re talking about here and when someone takes the trouble to send you a review of a gig she’s just done back in the area of her birth, we at Pierless Music just couldn’t resist it.

So, thanks very much to Richard Heywood for his review, which you can find here:

Go and have a read of Richard’s review and then compare it to the review of Claire’s album launch gig, at the FILO, just a month ago. You can find that review here:

If you have written, or want to write reviews of gigs by bands and artists local to the Hastings area, wherever they play. Then please send them into us, just as Richard and Lily did.


‘The Meeting of the Waters’ by Claire Hamill – Album Review

Well, here as promised is a review of the new Claire Hamill album ‘The Meeting of the Waters’. Find it here:

Pierless Music will be sending this review to the Hastings Observer, so hopefully it will be printed there as well.

This album certainly deserves wider atention and we really are lucky to have a singer/songwriter of such high calibre in our midst.

Gig Review – Claire Hamill

As promised in a previous post, here is a review of Claire Hamill’s gig at the FILO, in Hastings on Sunday evening.

The review was sent to Pierless Music by Lily Foster. Thanks Lily.

The gig was to launch Claire’s brand new album ‘The Meeting of the Waters’. I was there myself and agree with Lily’s words. It was a great gig.

We have a copy ourselves and we’ll be bringing you a review of the album later this week. It’s sounding good so far.


Soundcloud Playlist Updated

We’ve added a couple of new songs to the ‘Pierless Music Sampler’, our Soundcloud Playlist.

These tracks include a song from the brand new album from Claire Hamill.

We’ve also added a track from Phil Hudson, who just happens to be the guitarist on Claire’s album ‘The Meeting of the Waters’.

There are now 20 tracks on the Playlist. Why not give them a listen here:

I was lucky enough to be at the launch gig for Claire’s album last night at the FILO, in Hastings. I don’t think i’ve ever seen the place so packed, or so hot! But, a great time was had by all.

In case you missed it, we will be bringing you a review of the gig in the near future. We also have a copy of ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ and will be reviewing that shortly, as well.

Claire Hamill – New Album

Claire Hamill has jjust announced the imminent release of a brand new album.

The album will be called ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ and is her first “proper” solo release since the 2005 album “The Lost and the Lovers”. In the interim there has been a double retrospective compilation CD called “The Minor Fall, The Major Lift’, which was released in 2007. So, it will be good to hear some brand new material from her.

Pierless Music have heard one track from ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ called ‘Let’s Chase the Sun’. A nice upbeat song which features a jazzy guitar solo by local man Phil Hudson. We understand that the album features many local musicians, as indeed did ‘The Lost and the Lovers’.

To celebrate the release Claire is having an album launch party on Sunday 28th October at the FILO, in Hastings Old Town. Claire will be backed by a band on the night and the entertainment kicks off at 8pm.

We hope to be able to bring you a review of ‘The Meeting Of The Waters’ before the launch party. So, keep your eyes peeled for that.

Some other good news is that a boxed set of greatest hits by Eva Cassidy is to be released shortly and Claire’s song ‘You Take My Breath Away’ is to be the lead track!

Well done Claire.