New video from Otti Albietz

I’m sure we’ve talked about the wonderful talent that is Otti Albietz on this site many times before and here we go again. I make no excuses for that, as we feel that Otti Albietz is well worth shouting from the rooftops about.

Ottis has just released a new and typically quirky video for his song ‘Who Are The Wishful’. The video also features Thad Skews a regular contributor to all things Otti. You can watch it here:

‘Who Are The Wishful’ is taken from the recently released album ‘Bubbytone 2′, which is available via the BBE Records label:

BBE stands for ‘Barely Breaking Even’ by the way. A situation that many small record labels probably find themselves in at the moment. So any support you can give them is good, especially as they are supporting local home grown talent.

Otti in the Castle

On Saturday Pierless Music was lucky enough to be at St Mary in the Castle, in Hastings, to see the wonderful Otti Albietz launch his brand new album ‘Bubbytone 2′, which has just been released on BBE Records:

From my point of view, part of the attraction of going to the gig was to see St Mary in the Castle once again. Many of you will probably be aware that the venue has been going through some strange times and has recently been taken over by Buckswood School.

The ‘deal’ does at least mean that this great venue will be used far more than it has been over recent years and Saturday’s gig was hopefully the first of many to come.

Proceedings were kicked off by performances from singer/songwriters Tim Hotye and Dollboy and we even had DJ’s to entertain us too.

Otti himself played a mixture of songs from both ‘Bubbytone 2′ and his first solo album ’1′. Gradually building his set from solo performance, to being accompanied by local flute player Geoff Leigh and finally with a full band, he even managed to fill the dance floor with revellers for his final song.

Special mention must be made of the visually stunning giant cardboard cut outs which decorated the stage. These were produced by bass player Thad Skews and were almost like extra band members.

St Mary in the Castle is certainly a pretty special place to see a gig. The surroundings are spectacular and not what you normally get in a venue. Add in the history of the place, which used to be a church and you’ve got all the ingredients for a special evening.

I hope that we’ll see many more gigs and events at St Mary in the Castle over the coming years and I wish it every success. It is certainly nice to see the place being put to good use once again. It is a unique space that deserves to be used and shared and it was encouraging to see such a good turn out on the evening.

My only concern is that, because of the huge space that has to be filled, the sound quality for louder and more amplified gigs can leave a little to be desired. This was even evident, to a degree, on Saturday. Maybe there is a solution? Having said that, that in no way detracted from what was a good gig and a great evening.

Andy Gunton

More info about St Mary in the Castle can be found here:

(Otti Albietz photo courtesy of Sam Kinch Photography)