The Pierless Music Interviews – Adonis Fuzz

Yesterday, i recorded the first in what i hope will be a long series of interviews with local bands and musicians.

The guinea pigs were Adonis Fuzz and you can listen to that interview below, via the Pierless Music Mixcloud page.

The interview does contain some swearing and adult content, but this is rock n roll after all. I apologise for the slight lack of volume on the band, but that’s what happens when you try to record three band members in a small room.

You can find Adonis Fuzz at: and you can buy their music on iTunes here:

The Pierless Music Inteview – Adonis Fuzz by Pierless Music on Mixcloud

Blog Post – The Future Is Safe In Their Hands

We’ve added a new blog post called ‘The Future Is Safe In Their Hands’.

You can read it here:

In this post Andy talks about the new generation of young musicians in the Hastings area. The post was inspired by an evening watching some of these musicians in Tin Tins, in Robertson St.

It’s a bit of an epic post by the way.


Player Spotlight – Harrison Caruana

Local bass player Harrison Caruana has been featured in the online magazine ‘No Treble’, a magazine for bass players. He is the subject of todays ‘Player Spotlight’.

Harrison plays in several original local bands, including Adonis Fuzz and The Kid Kapichi. By happy coincidence The Kid Kapichi are currently featured in the Pierless Music Soundcloud Sampler Playlist.

The Pierless Music Sampler:

The No Treble article takes the form of a questionnaire all about playing history, influences, equipment used etc etc. Why not have a read?

Here’s a link to the article: