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Phil Hudson – Somewhere Else:

*This review was originally published in the Hastings Observer on August 13th, 2004. It has not been edited and is shown as it was originally written.

Phil Hudson is probably best known for his guitar work with the likes of the Lighthouse Family, Geri Halliwell and local favourites Reservoir Cats. But, now he’s striking out on his won.

His second solo release is a nice mixture both original songs and cover versions such as Bob Dylan’s ‘Serve Somebody’ and Ray Charles’ ‘In The Middle’.

Serving up a blend of blues, jazz and funk, this is a great CD to relax to.

Featuring a host of superb local talent, including the husky vocals of John Ballard, plus of course Phil’s excellent guitar playing, this is classy stuff. Expertly played and well produced.

Stand out tracks include ‘As The Crow Flies’, ‘River Of Tears’ and the bluesy ‘Ice Cold’. Elsewhere, instrumental ‘Milo’s Barnyard Incident’, featuring Junior Thompson on harmonica, will certainly get your toes tapping.

So, pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy.

For more info on Phil Hudson visit:

Andy Gunton,                                                                                                          Hastings Rock


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