King Bathmat

King Bathmat – Crowning Glory:

*This review was originally published in the Hastings Observer in 2004. It has not been edited, as is shown as it was written.

This is the second solo CD from King Bathmat, aka John Bassett.

Following smoothly on from 2003’s ‘Son Of A Nun’ comes ‘Crowning Glory’. Anybody who heard his first offering will not be disappointed, nor will any newcomers to his music.

Recorded, written, produced and mixed entirely by John at his home studio, this is a very well put together album. From the well crafted songs right through to the excellent artwork, you can tell that a lot of time and effort have gone into this CD. This even extends to his very good website.

So many different influences and instruments abound that it’s very hard to pin King Bathmat down.

From the rocker ‘Rain On’ to the dreamy ‘Almost There’ and with several stops in between, this is a very good melodic rock/pop album.

Although liberally sprinkled with effects, thankfully the album doesn’t suffer the common “too busy” production of some similar solo efforts.

I look forward to hearing any future King Bathmat release, it’s got a lot to live up to.

For more info visit:

Andy Gunton,                                                                                                           Hastings Rock



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