Local Musical Meet Up?

Part of the recent Hastings Fat Tuesday celebrations was a two day music seminar/conference called Un-Convention, which was held over two days at St Mary In The Castle.

This was the 73rd Un-Convention event and the first to be held in the South East of the UK, that’s quite a coup. Musicians, promoters, writers, movers and shakers travelled from as far as Manchester to take part and share their own personal stories, experiences and wisdom to an engaged audience.

You can still see the aganda for the two days here, just in case you want to know what you may have missed: http://www.hastingsfattuesday.co.uk/2015/un-convention/

One of the panels was titled ‘Local Scenes – Collaboration, Co-Operations and Making It Happen’, which I chaired, and was focussed on the current music scene in Hastings, with the panellists sharing their observations of local music scenes across the UK, all with a view to attempting to see how Hastings can learn from those towns and cities and move forward itself.

One idea that came out of that session was the setting up an informal regular meet up of interested parties, whether they be musicians, promoters, venue owners, producers etc etc…

Past Un-Convention events have encouraged this idea, as getting all those people together in a room, in an informal way, can help cement and grow a local music scene. Something that Pierless Music, Fat Tuesday and The Stinger magazine are very keen to do.

On the day, people in the audience thought that a regular meet up was a good idea and that they would support it. But what about you?

Is this something that you would want to get involved with and how should we go about it? The initial suggestions is for a monthly meeting, maybe on a quieter Monday evening, in a local hostelry.

If that sounds like something you would go to, please let us know by sending an email, and any suggestions, to: contact@pierlessmusic.co.uk

As some of you may already be aware, Hastings Borough Council hosted a meeting recently all about the local music scene here in Hastings, as a part of their cultural policy.

Although this was very well attended, and the suggestion of a regular meeting was raised, many in the audience felt that any such meet up should be independent of any ‘official’ involvement. Hence why we are suggesting this idea of our own now.

Here’s your chance to get involved with the local music scene in Hastings, put your suggestions and ideas forward and maybe help make that scene even bigger and better than what it already is.

After all a collective voice is far better and more effective than a lone one.

We look forward to hearing from you.


5 comments on “Local Musical Meet Up?

  1. I would be interested in being involved.

  2. Keith Adams on said:

    I look forward to hearing more.

  3. Tony May on said:

    I would also be interested in coming along though Monday evenings for me aren’t good as I go to my Shorelink Writers club each Monday evening but I’m sure I could make a few exceptions.

    I think the idea of getting musicians together is a good one as long as its generally agreed that the idea is to further the creative side to Hastings/collaborate/pull resources together etc rather than just to ‘jam and have a p***s up’. I could often do with some contacts regarding female backing vocals and I’m sure other musicians could use my help (God help them! HA HA) and if everyone was involved with everyone it would be much easier for ALL Hastings creative projects to see the light of day. Money is always a huge issue so helping each other for free has got to be in all our interests.

    I do wonder though whether it is such a good idea to exclude officialdom from the process? I mean, we all moan when they make policy changes that badly effect us but if we exclude them by choice right from the off what can we expect? If the will of ALL is there to put Hastings firmly on the map then why shouldn’t musicians at least keep local Councillors informed and try to engage with them to push things forward? I know there can be difficulties (and politics always seems to complicate matters) but what is good for Hastings standing in the country is good for political careers so there is common ground.

    Anyway, an interesting idea – please keep me informed.

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