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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts here on the Pierless Music website I am currently involved with Hastings Rock radio station and every Sunday during May I am presenting a show dedicated to original local music.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now started podcasting these shows and the first two are now uploaded to the Hastings Rock Mixcloud site for your listening pleasure.

You can find them here:

Latest Hastings Rock’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

The remaining two Local Music Shows will also be uploaded over the coming couple of weeks.

You can find out more about Hastings Rock here: http://www.hastingsrock.co.uk/



2 comments on “Local Music Show Podcasts

  1. Tony May on said:

    I am in the process of catching up with this years local music broadcasts and have to say how impressed and delighted I am with what I am hearing. Andy Gunton is the nearest thing Hastings will ever get to a ‘John Peel’ to champion local bands new music and the variety of musical styles in just the third show (the first I’ve listened to, ironically) was truly amazing. God, I feel so proud to be from Hastings listening to this lot! Had bought Harvey Summers AWESOME ‘Jupiter’ record already so was well aware of its brilliance but ‘Cold’ by The Burning Wire lit my fuse as well and so now that album is on its way to me as well!

    Will be watching ( or listening!) out for more from Sand Rabbit as well as their style reminds me of one of my fav 70′s rock bands – City Boy. Do thing maybe the band need a bit more light and shade in the vocal department (City Boy had three lead vocalists) but this may just me attaching too much of a personal connection to my beloved City Boy to the band’s sound. GREAT stuff though guys and keep it coming!

    LOVED ‘Carla’s Dolly’ from our Keith Foster as well. Kookie, Grace Jones meets Cruella De Ville meets acoustic maestro – WOW what a contrast and very clever lyrically as well so right up my street being a ‘lyrics man’. Hmm, most guys are either a ‘boobs and bum’ or ‘legs’ man and I had to end up loving lyrics! HA HA

    The Kid Kapachi are definitely going places. Felt this track was a bit of a ‘borrow’ from Tracey Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ though. Liked it and the vocals are great but the D.J. in me kept on listening for the ‘Fast Car’ riff in it so that distracted me a bit. GOT to be a big hit this lot sooner than later though and just another band to get excited about living here in Hastings!

    ‘Sitar Song’ by Virgin Soldiers was another to grab my attention. Not sure its such a good choice as a single but bristles with promise and makes me want to hear more from the band so all that’s good!

    Star Scream finish things off with a real GLAM ROCKER of a track and I loved it! Bolan reborn with a noughties swagger so it is and what with this and PLENTY of other tracks I could have mused about, well, I’m almost speechless…and that takes some doing!

    Great, great stuff everyone! Keep it coming and keep believing!

  2. andy on said:

    Thanks for the comments Tony & the compliments too *blushes*.
    I’ve had some great feedback about this years crop of Local Music Shows for Hastings Rock and that 3rd show really seems to have hit the mark. And there was me thinking it was ‘just another show’.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the other 3 shows as well.

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