Hastings Beach Concerts – Update

As I hope you’re all aware, this weekend see’s the return of the RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts.

Well, we now have the running order and timings. As with all events, things don’t always go to plan, shit happens etc etc. So please be aware that these timings and even the bands could change.

But here are the timings so that you don’t miss that act you’ve been waiting to see:

Saturday 3rd August:

Harry Osborne                      1.00-1.25

Tusk                                      1.30-2.10

Anita Jardine                         2.15-2.40

Kingbathmat                         2.55-3.50

Dead Rabbits                        4.10-5.05

Vindickers                             5.25-6.20

Ugenix                                  6.40-7.35

Rhythm Section                    7.55-8.55

Sunday 4th August:

Star Scream                          1.10-1.50

Fabulous Red Diesel             2.10-3.10

Under The Covers                3.30-4.30

90% Proof                               4.50-5.50

Blair                                        6.10-7.00

Enjoy the gigs and don’t forget to put some money in the collection buckets for the RNLI.


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