Hastings – A Musical Town

You may have already seen the news that Hastings has been voted the most musical town in the UK.

I’m sure that comes as no surprise to most of you anyway and it certainly doesn’t to me. So, I thought I’d make a quick video giving my thoughts on this ‘award’.

Let me know what you think.


4 comments on “Hastings – A Musical Town

  1. Guilherme Braune on said:

    I’m from Brazil , but 12 years ago I lived in Hastings for almost one year. I’m a musician myself, and had a chance to play on a pub weekly for 6 months or so, great atmosphere! I also had the chance to attend to a lot of concerts all over the town, checking on local bands and musicians. I remember the “Blue Mondays” on Hastings Arms, .great music with great people, Jonh Camptom is a good one that I still remember clearly! I have been also to the “Black Horse Festival” which is a little bit far out of Hastings Town Center, and it was a wonderful experience… Whenever I was out with friends for a pint there was good music, and this is something that I’ll always remember about Hastings! Long live good music!

    • Andy on said:

      Thanks for your comment & I’m pleased that you have such great musical memories of Hastings. You’ll be glad to know that it’s still as good as ever here. Some things have changed over the years, but new things have come along and replaced them :)

  2. Tony May on said:

    Wow Andy! Take a breathe mate! HA HA That video was three and a half minutes of shameless promotion of our town and of local music. You are a credit to us all as a spokesman and every word so clearly comes from the heart so it is pretty convincing. Hastings has always been a musical town and I for one am so glad to hear that its reputation as such has really hit home to the rest of the country. Considering the loss of so many pubs (not just in Hastings but all around the country) it is heartwarming to live somewhere where the are numerous opportunities for musicians to get actively involved in making local events that much more special. The St Leonards festival last year was also great and many a good band or singer ends up on the back of a float at carnival time. Well done Hastings and long may we reign!

    • Thanks Tony & I’m breathing again ok now.
      The St Leonards Festival is over two days this year too, so things are looking up all over town :)

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