Gig Review – Claire Hamill at Saltburn Conservative Club

I know what you’re thinking having seen the heading to this post.

Saltburn?! But, that’s miles away from Hastings. And, of course, you’d be right.

But, this is Claire Hamill we’re talking about here and when someone takes the trouble to send you a review of a gig she’s just done back in the area of her birth, we at Pierless Music just couldn’t resist it.

So, thanks very much to Richard Heywood for his review, which you can find here:

Go and have a read of Richard’s review and then compare it to the review of Claire’s album launch gig, at the FILO, just a month ago. You can find that review here:

If you have written, or want to write reviews of gigs by bands and artists local to the Hastings area, wherever they play. Then please send them into us, just as Richard and Lily did.



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