Buick 6 – Live Video

Our last post mentioned the ‘Bare-Faced Blues’ Festival, which is taking place over two weekends in September 2014, at Gecko Bar in St Leonards.

Read more about it here: http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/bare-faced-blues-festival/

One of the acts booked to play at ‘Bare-Faced Blues’ are Buick 6. Because of that, we thought we’d share this recent video with you. It comes from Harvey Summers’ video series ‘The Live Room’, recorded at his own Broadoak Studios.

If you don’t know of Buick 6, or have not seen them play live before, you really ought to watch this live session. It’s classy stuff.



One comment on “Buick 6 – Live Video

  1. mick moignard drummer born in sussex 1948 now live watford herts always comming down to hastings music good there on said:

    love your music will try to book you at the horns pub best herts live music venue last at porters wine bar lieane carrol at hastings in april keep playing all the best to you mick

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