Ragged Trousered Folk

Raggedtrouseredfolk is a monthly folk club located upstairs at The Jenny Lind, situated in the old town part of Hastings.

The folk club evolved out of Robert Tressell Day in February 2011 when we found that tour scheduling meant we could not include protest singer David Rovics from Portland Oregon. So we promoted him a month later instead, and had so much fun, we started the monthly gigs from there.

We do apply the term ‘folk’ liberally, and have featured folk, blues and americana performers. Over the last 2½ years we have presented a galaxy of musicians, including Steve James (Texas, US); Del Rey (Seattle, US); Kyle Anne Carey (Alaska, US); Rory Ellis (Melbourne, Aust); Pierre Vincent (France) plus a host of top UK acts, including House of Hats; Robb Johnson; Naomi Bedford; Hatful of Rain; Ron Trueman-Border; Jaime Regan; Gren Bartley; Adam Franklin; and Attila The Stockbroker.

With regard to local performers, Kalliburn (Gary Blakeley, Edd Blackeley and Tom Leary); Danny Goring and Dan Stewart; Ukulele Dave; and Pocket Size have all headlined. So too have Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou who have recently moved into the area from London, and who squeezed us in between tours supporting Beth Orton and Loudon Wainwright.

Another person who has recently moved into the area from London is Pepe Belmonte, and he is headlining for us in October.

In addition, loads of local performers have taken the opportunity of an appreciative and discerning audience to play a half hour support slot for us, including King Size Slim; Now & Then; John Bassett (KingBathmat); Anita Jardine; Dave Paull; Strum & Base; Paul Roberts; The Lovely Dregg; and Brian Cope. Amongst those who have offered their services and will be providing support slots in the future are Harry Osborne (Imre Method); Leo Baroni (Rhythm Section and The Luvverleys); Martin Abrahams (Local Heroes); Ray Eldridge; and Martin Blackman.

Over the next twelve months we have more wonderful line-ups booked, including Hungrytown (Vermont, US); Annie Dressner (New York City); Anny Celsi (California, US); Mahoney & the Moment (New York City); Dana and Susan Robinson (North Carolina, US); and the return of favourites Steve James (Texas, US) and Kyle Anne Carey (Alaska, US). We also have some brilliant UK based performers booked too, including folk club and festival favourite, Irish/American Sarah McQuaid; Radio 2 favourite Jess Morgan; Broadstairs Folk Festival headliners Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker; guitar maestro James Hollingsworth; and one of the top young bluegrass performers in the UK, Juey.

Every gig is limited to about forty five people and very intimate. The intention is to make every gig absolutely unique. We use stage lights and candles and usually, unless the performer is adament they want to play acousticallly, a quality PA system.

Ambience is everything. More details can be found at: www.raggedtrouseredfolk.me.uk

And in April 2014 comes Robert Tressell – Day 2.

Already booked are protest singer David Rovics from Portland, Oregon, and folk singer Alun Parry from Liverpool, whose work is massively influenced by the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. This is to celebrate the hundredth year anniversary of the first publication of the book (albeit in an abridged version).

Tony Streeter – raggedtrouseredfolk – July 2013.


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