Tuesdays, 8pm at The Havelock

There are some nights in Hastings that we all remember.

We were all there Pirate Day after the festivities, when we all descend into real vagabonds and roam the streets as if we were still fresh ashore from our smuggling adventure.

We were all there the day Jack was on the Green with painted faces and police in a seemingly good mood.

We were all there when the fireworks went off and the masked drummers of our county paraded the streets in a tribal earthen fashon.

We were not all there, however, on a cold and windy Tuesday night in the centre of town when another magical event happened.
Selfishly I am glad we were not all there because it quite simply would not have transpired in the same pitch perfect way.

For a few weeks now local talent Sam Wills has been arranging a new jam night at the newly re-vamped Havelock in the town centre.
A place I had stayed clear of for years, as being sexually assaulted by a 45 year old toothless crack addict is not always my idea of fun (I would usually only visit on my birthday). It has transformed into a place that keeps appearing in my day time thoughts. More over, the music night presented by Sam Wills is also pervading my day time dreaming.

A vibe, a wave, a groove, whatever you want to call it, this night has it.
The chilled out landlord allows the music freedom and therefore the boundaries are already pushed far out to sea. 1st week I went, the cream of the crop of Hastings acoustic talent turned out in support. The likes of Otti Albeitz, John Wilson, George Macdonald, Harrison Caruana. Nathan Godfry, Jack Wilson, Ben Beetham, Branden Hoadley, Marcus J Lamb Bentley (sweet name) to mention but a few. The vibe was free and the music just kept on coming.

The week after, a different crowd with some new faces.
Once again the vibe was there before the pub was open so free and easy are the mood setters of the place. Although I did end up in conversation with a guy called Lee who is, “here to save Hastings with investment!” I told him to put his money where his mouth is and invest in the local music scene, but of course have heard not a jot. Ha.

So, on to the the third week.
Up to date. The week where the hype dies and we get to reality.  End of the month, got pockets full of nothing, wind blowing up a storm, temperatures to make any guitarist self conscious. None the less I had the mood on me for music.
To the Havelock I went. Hardly anyone present. A guy looking in to the bottom of his pint in a solemn acceptance of his existence, A couple laughing out side, she was hot…ish. A few people dotted around the room, but all in their own space and set up at the far end of the room was Sam Wills and the troubadours of this town.

Jam after Jam after well structured Jam.
Songs have their own life, their own energy. When the crowd is there and the mood is pumping, we rush and start the song, play the chorus, jive into the middle 8, end on a verse chorus and stand arms raised for our adoration. Yes!
This night the music was found within the music. Lives were lived inside the beat of ‘All Along the Watch Tower’ or ‘Moondance’ or ‘Jezebel’. Groove was realized and reality was set back into balance.  Real music touched a very real part of the souls of everyone in that room.

There are nights that we are all there, Carnival, Pirate Day, Jack in the Green and there are nights that we are not. They all still go on regardless and some are enhanced and enchanted by their very nature.

The Havelock Tuesday Night Open Mic. Check it out. Some very good musicians are getting wonderfully comfortable in there. And if you play the guitar, but are a bit shy, this is the place for your debut.
Get out of your room and in to this one.

Peace and grooving.

Richard Anthony Lock


4 comments on “Tuesdays, 8pm at The Havelock

  1. Tony May on said:

    This is where me not being a ‘proper musician’ gets to feel like a rotten fake. Sure, I sing a bit sometimes and I write lyrics but as far as being able to jam with anyone I’m goosed! Not even able to play a triangle in tune and knowing little to nothing about keys (unless they open my front door) I am hopelessly out with the washing when it comes to joining in with a jam. Shame because it all sounds like a cracking evening.

    Dodgy karaoke singing to backing cd’s anyone? HA HA HA

    • Marcus on said:

      You don’t have to jam, you can sing your songs and if you want some backing it’s there, if you wanna go solo it’s all good.

  2. I’ve heard it’s amazing, sooooo looking forward to coming down. Well done to everyone for keeping the music alive in Hastings.

  3. beauty on said:

    Nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also.

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