Together Again

These days it seems that just about any band, who have split up in the past, are getting back together again.

Just over the past couple of years alone Blur and The Stone Roses have suddenly got over old hostilities and put all that behind them to play huge high profile gigs and even to record some new material.

It almost seems to be done thing nowadays to “get the band back together”.
Even the Rolling Stones have made a comeback. Ok, so they hadn’t actually split up in the first place. But, you can’t help wondering why they’ve suddenly announced some new gigs after an absence of a few years. Especially at their age.

But, now it seems that the bug has even caught on locally as well.

As you may well be aware, Bexhill’s finest Mumm-Ra are playing a couple of comeback shows this weekend at Flairz in Hastings. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are being supported by Youngplan. Both bands split up around 5 years ago. Yes, it really was that long ago!
I can’t deny that i’m very much looking forward to seeing both bands playing live again. I’m going the Friday show by the way.

I’ve also read somewhere recently that Hastings very own The Candys are on the comeback trail as well and they’ve been away for even longer. The rumour mill seems to have gone very quiet on that one though.

We’re all realistic enough to know that the main reason that the likes of Blur and The Stone Roses get back together again is for the money. I don’t begrudge them that, but come on, even they can’t really deny that, can they?

But, if that is the case, then why have Mumm-Ra, Youngplan and possibly The Candys reformed as well?
It can’t be for the money. That much we can be sure of, can’t we?

I do have a theory though.
I think it’s all a case of unfinished business. I’ll explain……

Mumm-Ra, Youngplan and The Candys all had varying degrees of relative success, albeit not on the scale of either Blur or The Stone Roses.
They probably got as far as they thought they could go at the time and split up, possibly reluctantly.

Members of all 3 bands then went on to form other, less successful bands, or even gave up on music altogether. Fast forward 5, or so years and they all suddenly realise that they really miss what they all had, back in the day.

These were the bands that they possibly grew up playing in and probably had the most fun with. It was the first time that they’d tasted some form of success and it felt good.
They were younger and more carefree and probably thought that they could just go and recreate that feeling once again. But, they never quite managed to do so.

I’ve actually been there myself, although on a lesser scale.
More years ago than i care to remember, i used to play drums in bands playing original music. But, like Mumm-Ra etc, we called it a day for reasons that now escape me and that is something that i’ve regretted many, many times in the intervening years.

Like our 3 local bands, i never made any money from playing original music.
But, that’s not really the point of it is it?
It’s really all about having fun with your mates, playing some hopefully great music that you’ve written yourself and entertaining the crowd.
When it’s the right band, playing the right music, there’s really nothing quite like it and i think that’s what all of these bands have come to realise. They just couldn’t replicate that unique feeling anywhere else.

I could of course be wrong, but…..

So, i’m looking forward to seeing Mumm-Ra and Youngplan try to recreate those glory days of a few years ago.
I sincerely hope that both bands manage to do it and even if they don’t i have a funny feeling that they’ll all have big smiles on their faces regardless.

I just wish that i could do the same thing myself.

Hopefully, Mumm-Ra will be playing this track on the night.

Andy Gunton.


2 comments on “Together Again

  1. Dave Parsons on said:

    You got it I think, you can put a band of great musicians together but you don’t necessarily get any magic. The reason a lot of bands become successful is because of this extremely rare act of luck where the chemistry of it’s members creates some sort of Alchemy. To then go off and think that you can simply just recreate that magic is a bit naive.

    • Phew! :)
      Thanks for the comment Dave. I guess you ought to know all about that chemistry and alchemy? I’m right with you on the luck thing too. That plays a huge role in a band’s success, in many ways too.

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