A Day In The Life….

Yesterday was an interesting day for Pierless Music. It was day one of filming for the video documentary that is being made about us. So, I thought I’d share at least some of the day with you.

I’m also writing this as a reminder to myself, as I’d not done anything quite like this before and it’s always good to have something to help you remember a day that is a little bit out of the ordinary.

To start the day off myself and Richard convened in our usual coffee shop for some pre-shoot catching up, planning and chatting about general Pierless Music business.

Then it was onto the location for the main video shoot of the day.

Ask anyone involved with music for their preferred location for a video shoot and the chances are that their answer would be a pub. So, that’s what we’d arranged. It’s a tough job……

This part of the shoot was to involve an interview with a local band, The Kid Kapichi and also to discuss an idea for a potential music video with them, which myself and Richard had been discussing privately. The idea being to get the band’s reaction to both the idea and the location on camera, as they were unaware of either.

So, the camera crew and producer were assembled, as were Richard and myself. We’d even had our pre-shoot discussion to make sure we all knew what was going to happen. But, you know what it’s like with musicians don’t you? I think the expression I’m looking for is “fashionably late”?

To be fair to them though, they weren’t that bad really and the slight delay did allow us to do some impromptu networking with various other musicians and promoters that were passing the pub. More on that topic in a future posting by the way.


This was serious stuff, as they even had real clapper boards.

Band interview completed successfully, it was on to the music video location. By the way, if you have ever wondered what a young band have for breakfast, stay tuned for the documentary.

I’ll be deliberately vague about both the location itself and the ideas for the video, as I wouldn’t want to spoil your future viewing pleasure.

Suffice it to say, the band were happy and as we’d hoped, came up with some good ideas of their own. We even agreed which song we would be using, which wasn’t a tough decision as we all seemed to be thinking along the same lines. A good sign?

So, the first part of the day was complete. But, there was still more to do as we were going to be recording a two hour radio show, of original local music, at 5pm. This was to be the first in what we hope will be a regular Pierless Music Podcast.

As mentioned in a previous post: http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/music-maestros-please/

Recording was to be done at the BURST studios at the Hastings University building in Havelock Road. The two hour show was to include a live session and interview, conducted by Richard, with Sam Wills. Both the live session and the radio show recording were to be partially filmed for inclusion in the video documentary.

I have done many radio shows in the past for both Hastings Rock and Carnival FM, but this was the first time that I had ever actually recorded a show, rather than presenting it live. Strange as that may seem, it did make a bit of difference, for me at least. It requires a slightly different mindset, as you are not tied to a clock. I got over this by trying to present the show as live as possible.

Sam Wills arrived, set up, soundchecked and then treated us to a great little twenty minute set, interspersed by an interview with Richard.

All was going well, with the filming of both some of Sam’s set and of myself recording the radio show. We even had another Sam taking some photo’s of the whole process as well.

An hour and 47 minutes into the recording, alone in the studio and getting ready to play my final three tracks, I suddenly noticed that the recording counter had stopped moving forward.

To cut a longish story short, it turned out that the studio computer had crashed. As i was using only CD’s, this didn’t affect was I was doing, but meant that no recording was being done. Therefore none of the, by now, two hour show had actually recorded!!!!

This was no fault of the people involved, as I’m sure anyone with any experience of computer software would tell you. But, it did mean that we’d have to do it all again at a later date (Once the show has been re-recorded, we will upload it as a Podcast and let you know how you can then listen to it)

The only saving grace was that the live session by Sam Wills had been recorded in an adjoining studio and was therefore ok. Phew!

At least with live radio you know instantly that something is wrong. Oh well, at least it was good practice for me using a radio playout system that i’d not used before.

So, there you have it, a day in the life of Pierless Music, albeit one of the more interesting, eventful and exciting ones.

How was your day?

Andy Gunton

PS: Thanks to Joffie, Sam, Benji and Maco for all their help on the day and to The Kid Kapichi and Sam Wills for being themselves. Thanks also to Sam Kinch for the photo’s.



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