Hastings Beach Concerts – Update

As I hope you’re all aware, this weekend see’s the return of the RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts.

Well, we now have the running order and timings. As with all events, things don’t always go to plan, shit happens etc etc. So please be aware that these timings and even the bands could change.

But here are the timings so that you don’t miss that act you’ve been waiting to see:

Saturday 3rd August:

Harry Osborne                      1.00-1.25

Tusk                                      1.30-2.10

Anita Jardine                         2.15-2.40

Kingbathmat                         2.55-3.50

Dead Rabbits                        4.10-5.05

Vindickers                             5.25-6.20

Ugenix                                  6.40-7.35

Rhythm Section                    7.55-8.55

Sunday 4th August:

Star Scream                          1.10-1.50

Fabulous Red Diesel             2.10-3.10

Under The Covers                3.30-4.30

90% Proof                               4.50-5.50

Blair                                        6.10-7.00

Enjoy the gigs and don’t forget to put some money in the collection buckets for the RNLI.

Blog Post – Ragged Trousered Folk

Tony Streeter has written a new blog post for Pierless Music all about his ‘raggedtrouseredfolk’ gigs that take place at the Jenny Lind pub in the old town, Hastings.

These gigs feature artists from across the world, as well as the best local folk talent.

Read more here: http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/blog-posts/tony-streeter/ragged-trousered-folk-2/

Well done to Tony for putting on these gigs and for persuading international artists to come to Hastings. Tony is also one of the people behind the annual RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts, which will place just over a week’s time, so he’s a busy man. Well done.

Sorry about the colour of the writing in Tony’s post, but WordPress didn’t seem to like using black this time around.

Make Your Band A Brand!

A while ago I wrote a blog post for this Pierless Music site called ‘B(r)and’, in which I talked about the need for a band to start to think of themselves as a brand, or a business.

It’s one of those topics that musicians probably don’t even think about or realise might apply to them, especially when they are first starting out. But it does and reading the post will hopefully make you realise why.

Well, I have recently been asked to update that post for use on another music related website. Something I was happy to do.

Here’s the result: http://www.epikmusicvideos.com/blog/79-make-your-band-a-brand.html

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Hornet Album Review

We’ve mentioned Hornet and their new album ‘Skies Are Falling’ on the Pierless Music site before. The album was recorded with the help of fans and supporters of the band who donated money, for the recording, via Pledge Music.

Well, ‘Skies Are Falling’ is now getting some well deserved attention and has just been reviewed by Kerrang! magazine. They gave it a KKK rating.

During the course of the review Kerrang! said that “Hornet play riffs that make you want to ride a motorcycle down a staircase. Riffs that make you want to pour whisky onto your cereal”

Nice one.

You can read the full review here, via the Hornet Facebook page:


Local Music News – July 2013

Here’s my latest local music column for the Hastings Observer. It was originally published in the edition which came out on Friday 5th July.

“Another month and another quality local music CD arrives.

This time it’s the turn of Hastings’ favourite one man band, Toby Barelli aka King Size Slim, to unleash his latest offering. ‘Milk Drunk’ is the title of this collection of 11 self penned songs. Although the album only weighs in at just over 30 minutes long, no track outstays its welcome, which is not something that can be said for all local CD’s.

If you’ve ever seen King Size Slim live & if you haven’t you really should, you’ll know exactly what to expect here & you’ll not be disappointed either.

Nicely packaged, well recorded & with a nice live feel to it, this CD has rarely left my CD player since I got it. Favourite songs include the title track, ‘Wake Up The Town’ and ‘Rising Spring’ with its topical political overtones. But, all 11 tracks are worth exploring & for a one man band there is plenty of variety within the songs to keep your attention.

There are guest appearances from, amongst others, Roger Hubbard with some wonderful mandolin playing on the aforementioned ‘Rising Spring’ & world renowned session drummer Andy Newmark stamps his personality onto ‘Monkey, Where Are You?’.

Obvious comparisons could be made with Seasick Steve, but Toby’s heartfelt, exuberant style & delivery mean that he is definitely his own man and fully deserves to be considered if you enjoy the bluesy, folky & rootsy side of music.

If this sounds like your kind of album & I can heartily recommend it, you can find out more, listen to some of the tracks & also buy the CD on the King Size Slim website at: http://www.kingsizeslim.com/ ‘Milk Drunk’ is also available via iTunes.

Next months see’s the promise of receiving the second album from Sand Rabbit & the debut EP from One Thousand Tons. That’s something I’m looking forward to.

Stay tuned.

Andy Gunton,

Pierless Music, Hastings Rock & Carnival FM”

“Altercation at Alter Bridge”

A while ago I wrote a blog post for this Pierless Music site entitled ‘A Social Media Policy’. You can read it here:                                                        http://pierlessmusic.co.uk/blog-posts/andy-gunton-2/a-social-media-policy/

In that post I listed 15 pointers/guidelines that I felt were important to follow if you’re a band, artist, or even a band member. Number 10 was ‘Don’t Engage In Slanging Matches’. Well, I’ve just come across a very good example of exactly why you should follow those guidelines.

I was recently pointed towards a very good and enlightening blog post. I’ve even borrowed the title of this post from that one. It concerns the rock band Alter Bridge and a, completely unnecessary, altercation they had with a photographer who had taken a photo of one of the band members at a gig.

The band then used this photo on their own website and elsewhere for commercial purposes. On hearing about this the photographer asked to be paid a nominal fee of $75 for the use of his work. The band refused and that really should have been the end of the matter, but it wasn’t.

For the full story and what happened next read the post here:                                 http://www.uncountedcircles.com/2012/06/altercation-at-alter-bridge.html

As you can see, it all got rather ugly and even dragged in one of the band members.

In my opinion this can only have one effect and that is to make the band look very bad, in many ways. Even fans of the band thought that Alter Bridge were in the wrong with the public way that they had dealt with the issue, as you can see from that blog post.

This is precisely why bands, artists and even band members should not get involved with slanging matches with anyone, for whatever reason. It will never look good and will usually only come back to bite you on the bum, as it has here.

Deleting those unsavoury Facebook, Twitter or comment exchanges will not make the problem go away. As happened here it’s very easy to take a screen grab of any offending comments and many people do this nowadays as a kind of insurance policy.

The Internet and Social Media loves nothing more than a good scandal and news travels very fast there too. So remember that adage, ‘What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet’ and maybe also read Number 3 of my list of pointers/guidelines, ‘Think Before you Post’.

Make sure you’re not the next band, or artist to fall into the same trap that Alter Bridge did. You’ll only live to regret it if you do.

Blog Post – Music Video Making

This is a very timely guest post I think.

As you may have noticed, here at Pierless Music we’ve been featuring quite a few new local music videos recently. So, it seemed like the right time to feature a post all about video making and some of the myths and realities about it. And one written by somebody who deals with music video making on a day to day basis too.

The post was written by Tai Campbell from EPiK Music Videos in London: http://www.epikmusicvideos.com

You can find the post, ‘Music Video Making – Myths and Realities‘, here:


If you’re in a local band and are thinking about making a video to help showcase one of your songs, there is some great advice within that post.

And this is the kind of video that EPik Music Videos can help you with:

Thanks to Tai for sending us that post. If you want to send in your own, please contact us and we’ll give it a read.

Virgin Soldiers – Safer Ground

’tis the season to produce a local music video, or at least that’s the way it seems at the moment.

No bad thing at all and the videos do seem to be coming thick and fast right now.

Here’s the latest one that Pierless Music has been made aware of. It’s those melodic rockers Virgin Soldiers once again and this time around the song is called ‘Safer Ground’.

See what you think and yes that is a giant greenhouse you can see!

You can find out more about the band on their website: http://www.virginsoldiers.com/

If you know of anymore well produced local music videos please let us know and maybe we’ll post those here as well.