Another Local Music Video – Pantaleimon

I was told about Pantaleimon and their upcoming album by a friend a few weeks ago. Well, now that album, called ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’, has been released by Grass Girl Music.

This track is called ‘Another World’ and you may well spot some, relatively, local countryside in the video.

If you liked that, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t, more info can be found about Pantaleimon on their impressive website, where there is also an album sampler to listen to:

New Local Music Videos

Here are two new videos from local artists that we’ve featured on this Pierless Music site before.

First up is a brand new track, from a forthcoming album by King Bathmat. The track, ‘Sentinel’, is taken from their ‘Overcoming The Monster’ album which is released on July 22nd on Stereohead Records. It’s their second album in a year!

Good track and an interesting video too.

Next we have another video from the ‘Jupiter’ album by Harvey Summers. This time the track is ‘Hey Spaceman’ and as you can see, it’s a bit of a homage to the late Carl Sagan and why not? I know that Harvey was a fan of Carl Sagan’s tv show ‘Cosmos’. As indeed was I.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and please let us know about any other good quality local music videos that you come across on your wanderings around the Internet.

Local Music News – June 2013

Here’s my latest column for the Hastings Observer, which was printed in their June 7th edition.

“This months column is going to have a distinct radio theme I’m afraid as that’s what I’ve been doing with myself for much of the month of May. Hastings Rock radio may now be gone from your radio dials once again, but if original local music is your thing you can still hear the four dedicated Local Music Shows that I presented for the station. You can find them all at:

I had some great feedback about these shows, so I hope that you’ll enjoy them too. You’ll find a great variety of local musical talent within the shows & much that you may not have heard before & hopefully something to make you want to search out any local gigs by the acts. Enjoy.

In other local radio news, Carnival FM will be back on the air for Hastings Old Town Carnival Week (1st to 11th August) and I will presenting a Local Music Show for the station on weekdays between 6 & 8pm. These shows will be featuring live studio sessions from original local acts, as they proved very popular last year. Find out more at:

One other piece of good news is that the annual RNLI Beach Concerts will thankfully be taking place this year, after some financial concerns. They will be on Saturday & Sunday, 3rd & 4th August.  Let’s hope that summer has finally arrived by then.

Andy Gunton,

Pierless Music & Hastings Rock”

(See our previous post about news of the acts appearing at this years RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts:

Hastings Beach Concerts – Line Up

Pierless Music can now reveal to you the line up for the 2013 Hastings Beach Concerts.

The gigs will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th of August. They will be held in their usual spot, just next to the Lifeboat Station.

As with any event like this, the line up is subject to change.

Saturday 3rd August – 1 to 9pm:

The Rhythm Section – Ugenix – The Vindickers – Dead Rabbits – King Bathmat – Anita Jardine – Tusk – Harry Osborne.

Sunday 4th August – 1 to 7pm:

Blair – 90% Proof – Under The Covers – The Fabulous Red Diesel – Star Scream.

As usual, there will a collection for the RNLI and there will also be a bar provided. Because of this, gig goers are asked not to bring their own alcohol.

Also, because of insurance restrictions, no BBQs are allowed on site. Please respect this.

At Pierless Music we are very happy to see so many local acts who write and perform their own music included in the line up this year. That’s great to see and let’s hope that it becomes a regular feature.

You may remember that Tony Streeter wrote a blog post for this site some time ago explaining what went into putting an event like the Beach Concerts on. It was certainly an eye opener. You can read it here:

Tony mentioned in that post that it costs approx £4,000 to put these gigs on every year. This years Beach Concerts have been made possible by donations made by Bob Faulkner of The Carlisle. So, many thanks to him for helping to enable these 25th anniversary concerts to go ahead. Happy silver anniversary.

Of course, any post about the RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts is a great opportunity to watch, once again, the late and great John Martyn performing there back in 1991. Great stuff. See how many people you recognise.

Thanks to Tony Streeter and everyone involved with the Hastings Beach Concerts for all their hard work in helping to bring Hastings these wonderful gigs every year. They have become a fixture in the local calendar and long may they contune to be so.

New video from Otti Albietz

I’m sure we’ve talked about the wonderful talent that is Otti Albietz on this site many times before and here we go again. I make no excuses for that, as we feel that Otti Albietz is well worth shouting from the rooftops about.

Ottis has just released a new and typically quirky video for his song ‘Who Are The Wishful’. The video also features Thad Skews a regular contributor to all things Otti. You can watch it here:

‘Who Are The Wishful’ is taken from the recently released album ‘Bubbytone 2′, which is available via the BBE Records label:

BBE stands for ‘Barely Breaking Even’ by the way. A situation that many small record labels probably find themselves in at the moment. So any support you can give them is good, especially as they are supporting local home grown talent.

The Voice

Don’t get worried, I’m not about to start going on about TV talent, or lack of talent, shows. But, I came across this article the other day and although it isn’t right up to date it is still very relevant.

All singers need to make sure that they look after their voice, especially if they hope to forge some sort of musical career. Or even if they just want to carry on playing local gigs for years to come.

Our voice is something that we all tend to take for granted. But when it happens to be the thing that we use to either help us pursue a career, or to do something that gives us pleasure, it needs to be looked after.

The article here gives some tips in how to protect your voice. It’s not the definitive guide, but it certainly gives some good pointers. There’s never a substitute for getting professional advice, but this is better than nothing.

It could even be used for anyone who uses their voice a lot, DJs and radio presenters for example. I’ve noticed myself that when I do a lot of radio presenting, or compering, my voice suffers. Maybe I need to take this on board as well then? Do you too?

Here’s the link: