King Bathmat – Truth Button

Local prog rockers King Bathmat are back with the release of their 6th album ‘Truth Button’. The album was released worldwide on 21st January on Sterohead Records.

For the uninitiated King Bathmat are the brainchild of singer/guitarist and songwriter John Bassett. Although John has been releasing albums under the King Bathmat name since 2003, it is only over the past couple of years that the project has expanded and now includes 3 other band members.

King Bathmat’s music has been described as “The sound of Pink Floyd wrestling with Kasabian” and “Black Sabbath cuddled by extravagant ELO harmonies”.

If you want to find out for yourself whether these decriptions are correct, you can listen to the band’s music on ReverbNation:

‘Truth Button’ is also available to buy on various sites, such as iTunes and Amazon.

More info about the album and King Bathmat can be found on the band’s website at:

I was going to write a review of ‘Truth Button’ myself. But if you look at their website, where you can read some reviews, you can see that the album has been getting a lot of attention worldwide on websites, magazines and radio stations as well. All of which is very good news for the band, especially as the reviews have been very positive.

King Bathmat even had a track from the album featured on the cover CD of the latest issue of ‘Prog Magazine’. The album is reviewed in the magazine as well.

Just to prove that King Bathmat are not standing still, John Bassett has 60% of the bands next album already written. You can’t keep a good man down.

Fat Tuesday

Christmas is now a distant memory and spring is still some way over the hill. It’s still chilly, but the people of Hastings and St Leonards have something to look forward to with the approach of the annual Hastings Fat Tuesday Festival!

This is the fourth year of the New Orleans Mardi Gras themed event and it promises to be bigger and better than ever – with music, umbrella parades, food and drink events all included over the festival period running from Friday 8th to Tuesday 12th of February.

Dressing up in true Mardi Gras fashion is the order of the day – masks, face paint, fancy dress or colourful clothes – anything goes really.

Fat Tuesday has become one of Hastings most anticipated annual events. Attracting people from far and wide and recruiting enthusiastic volunteers whose valiant efforts raise awareness and also money for local charities.

Hastings Fat Tuesday has evolved over previous years into 2013′s five day programme of events, running from Friday 8th through till Tuesday 12 February.

Hastings Fat Tuesday aims to provide something for everyone. From a tongue in cheek “Cardi Gras” Cake Sale organised by the local Women’s  Institute,  “Unplugged” music  sessions in various local bars and restaurants, an Afro/Caribbean Party Night, a Grande Mardi Gras Ball and a colourful Umbrella Parade through the Town Centre which finishes with more live music and a street BBQ at the America Ground.

All of this builds up to the main event of Hastings Fat Tuesday itself, which this year falls on the 12th of February. This year 8 local venues squeeze in 16 bands, who each play 20 minutes sets in 3 of the venues. So each venue hosts 6 gigs between 8pm and at 11/11.30pm. This is then followed by the now legendary After Show Party at the Brass Monkey, with another great live act and DJ’s running through till 3AM.

The musical mayhem is built throughout the evening as those 16 bands criss-cross the town to get to their next gig. On the way passing groups of people moving onto their next venue to catch the band of their choice.

This year is set to be bigger and better than ever with more events, more locations, more bands and three incredibly exciting performances from a very special mystery guest!

Full details of all events including an online ticket office and information on other “fringe” events planned for the festival period can be found on the festival website: Info can also be found on the Pierless Music Gig Guide, including the full line up for the main Fat Tuesday gigs.

To see what’s in store, take a look at this video of the 2011 event:

Traditionally occurring on Shrove Tuesday, “Fat Tuesday” (English for Mardi Gras) is a day of serious partying in some parts of the world, as people let their hair down before observing the restrictions of Lent which starts on the following day, Ash Wednesday.

As with many early spring and Easter customs Mardi Gras has ancient roots, including the pagan Roman customs of Lupercalia and Saturnalia. Tied into the lunar calendar, the date marks the turning of the year from winter to spring – another reason to celebrate.

I’ll see you there.

(Written using the official Fat Tuesday press release)

Mrs Yarringtons Music Club

I recently asked Mick Hoad of Mrs Yarringtons Music Club if he’d like to write a post for Pierless Music all about what they are doing and how they got to where they are now.

Some of you may not be aware of Mrs Yarringtons, so this is a great place to let you know.

Some may view Mick’s post as a bit of an advert and in some ways it is. But, i just wanted to tell local people about the good work that they are doing and have done in the past.

I’ve edited the post a little, with Mick’s full permission.

“The roots of Mrs Yarringtons Music Club can be traced back to our short lived CD shop ‘Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium’ which opened in Battle in 2002.
Alongside the CD’s we also had a few acts play live in the shop. And with Richard Hughes, of future chart toppers Keane, a regular visitor to the shop, we also held Keane’s first ever CD signing session there, for the release of the original single version  of ‘This is the Last Time’.

At the time, we had promoted a few gigs at the Memorial Hall in Battle, which featured artist as diverse as Buick 6, a Gospel Choir and rockers Budgie. But it all ended in tears, with the addition of a Noise Limiter.

We had now got the gig bug and after much chat and a few beers, we decided to go another route and find an intimate setting where like-minded souls could come and just sit, listen to the music, with no talking, no mobile phones and a good sound system, but not within a bar environment.

Move on a few years, we finally found a suitable venue at Crowhurst Park, so Mrs Yarringtons Music Club was born. the opening night was in January 2009 and the first artist to perform was Claudia Coleman a local singer/songwriter who was 14 at the time. The headliner was the legendary Martin Carthy

The Club met once a month, always opening with a local act given the opportunity to perform their own work to an attentive audience.
The headliners were always an eclectic selection, such as acoustic artists Hatful of Rain, Aynsley Lister & Zen Bicycle Band. We also had various touring Americans, such as Brooks Williams, Drew Nelson, Lisa Mills and Australians, Hat Fitz & Cara and Jeff Lang. We even had a real Bay City Roller in Eric Faulkner.
There was no distinctive style. It could be Blues, Jazz, or Americana just as long as it is basically acoustic based. We are not a Folk club.

We have come close to finishing on more than one occasion. But over the last 12-18 months we have found our audience, or should I say they have found us. We now have a nice number of people turning up to each gig which has become a bit of a social event.
2012 bought two major decisions, one was going to a more regular fortnightly format. The other bigger decision was changing our venue, to The Senlac Inn in Battle, where we are now well supported by Steve the Landlord. Another great supporter of local music

We have had a great selection of local acts who have performed & are encouraged to play their own material. These have included Zoe Konez, Logan Wilson, Tim Hoyte, Otti Albietz and Anita Jardine, to name a few. Last year we introduced a few longer showcase sets for local acts, which have included Mick Bolton, Stone Junction and Roger Hubbard.

Mrs Yarringtons Music club is now firmly established on the ‘acoustic circuit’, with applications to play arriving every day from all over the UK and from agents representing overseas artists.

Already lined up for 2013 is the usual mix of quality blues, folk & touring colonials, with the likes of U.S duo McGraw and Fer and Blues legend Dave Kelly included.

So, where did the name ‘Mrs Yarringtons’ come from? Well, that’s another story.

And talking of another story (See what we did there?)

Planning is now underway for the 3rd ‘Big Green Cardigan’ event, which will be held over the weekend of 6th-8th September 2013.

Although conceived out of the ashes of the old ‘Black Horse Music Festival’ and you will see a lot of faces from that much loved event there, it is not Black Horse 2. The Big Green Cardigan event has its own identity which is intimate, chilled, relaxed and not big and brash.
Held just outside Cripps Corner, opposite Sedlescombe Vineyard, who provide a lovely wine bar, we have created a festival we would like to go to ourselves. It’s all about enjoyment of the event and the music. Respect for the musicians, your fellow guests and the environment.
It can offer things The Black Horse Festival couldn’t, including late night music and camping.
We took the decision not to gear The Big Green Cardigan towards families. If that’s what you are looking for, there are already plenty of alternatives out there. And with that in mind, there is no admittance for folks under 14.

The Big Green Cardigan is really an old school festival with no gimmicks. It is not sponsored, it is not commercialised and if it doesn’t work, it is down to us.

We have a mixture of headliners and interesting acts from around the country. Artists that have appeared so far include, Roachford, Aynsley Lister, Achanak, Baka Beyond and they are all supported by a roll call of local artists, once again performing their own material, including Expandis, Stone Junction, Titus and Anita Jardine.

With local real ales, last year provided by ‘Old Dairy Brewery’ and enough clean toilets to go round, we can offer the full festival experience just down the road.

When we say intimate we mean it. Therefore, hundreds and not thousands of tickets, go very fast.

Mrs Yarringtons Music Club is run by Mick & Dave Hoad and is held at The Senlac Inn, Battle

For upcoming gigs and info check out, or  call: 07794821454. Gigs are also listed in the Pierless Music Gig Guide.

Info for The Big Green Cardigan can be found at:

Thanks to Mick Hoad for writing this piece for us.

Story Update – Hornet

We reported in December about how local rock band Hornet were crowd sourcing their upcoming debut album:

Well, Pierless Music is pleased to tell you that Hornet have reached their fund raising target and will be recording their album in February, in North London. The album, as yet untitled, is due for release in April.

Those of you who may have donated money to this worthy cause will get a pre-release download of that album and therefore be amongst the first people to set their ears on it.

One thing Pierless Music has learned since that original post, is that Hornet had set up their Pledge Music account so that they needed to raise the full 100& of the money needed, before they got any of it.

Apparently, you can set up these crowd sourcing accounts to work in various ways. Something that we certainly didn’t know. You learn something new every day don’t you?

So, well done to Hornet and especially well done to all of those who donated money to enable that debut album to go ahead.

I know i’m certainly looking forward to hearing it myself.

For more info on Hornet and the upcoming album recording/release, visit their website:


The Pierless Music Documentary – It’s Live!

A while ago we told you about the filming of a documentray being made all about Pierless Music:

Well, filming has been completed, editing has been finished and now the final version has been released for your viewing pleasure.

The Pierless Music documentary was made by Joffie Lovett, who apart from being a DJ on Hastings Rock, is also in the final year of his University studies in Hastings.

Part of his final course work was the requirement to produce, direct and edit a documentary about a subject of his choice. Joffie chose Pierless Music and the original music scene in Hastings as his topic, with just a little bit of persuading from Richard and myself!

You can view the result here:

Unfortunately we can’t embed the video onto this page.

Both Richard and myself are very pleased with how the documentary has turned out and we feel that it gives a very good account of how great Hastings is for music generally, but especially for original music.

All the music used in the documentary is by The Kid Kapichi. You can find out more about the band on their official website here:

Please let us know what you think about documentary and also please feel free to share the link to the video and help tell the rest of the world just how good a town Hastings is for music.

The secret is out at last.


Blog Post – Selling Your Music Online.

Phil Little has written another very informative and interesting blog post for Pierless Music, this time all about selling your music online.

It’s one of those topics that has raised its head for most original bands and musicians over the past few years. But, as with anything like this, it can be a bit of a minefield out there with many different companies offering you their services. So, which is the best one to go with?

Hopefully, Phil will give you at least some of the answers in his post.

Find it here:

Blog Post – HMV and all that.

I decided to record an audio blog post about the potential demise of HMV.

I also talk about how lessons can be learned by this by other shops, businesses and even musicians.

Let us know what you think.

This post can also be found under ‘Blog Posts – Andy Gunton’, for future reference.

Blog Post – Where Are We Now?

After recently posting a blog that was in video form, i thought i’d now do one in audio form instead. Variety is supposed to be the spice of life after all.

This post is all about the new David Bowie single, amongst other things, which has caused such a media storm over the past few days. Here it is:

In case you haven’t heard the song, or seen the video, here’s a link to that:

Please et us know your own opinion on either the song itself, or any issues raised by it.

I’ve also posted this under ‘Blog Posts – Andy Gunton’ for future reference:

PS: Incidentally, there is a great alternative version of this video doing the rounds at the moment, with the comedian Harry Hill as one of the faces. It’s well worth seeking out.


Some of you out there may well remember a local singer/songwriter by the name of Adeline.

Although, originally from France, Adeline lived in Hastings for a number of years. I remember playing tracks from her album ‘Promesses’ on Hastings Rock radio and also introducing her at various local events, including Beatles Day.

Well, she moved to Spain around a year ago and now lives, i believe, in Barcelona. She is still playing her music regularly in local venues in the city.

But, she is now set for some well deserved wider exposure as her voice is currently being used on a new TV advert for a SEAT Leon car. You can see the advert here:

If you liked what you heard there and i certainly do, you can download the song from iTunes and Amazon. The track is called ‘Fly (Featuring Adeline)’ and is by a band called TR13.

You can find out more about Adeline via here website: or her Facebook page:

Although Adeline doesn’t live in the area anymore, i always think it’s good to see ex Hastonians making an impression elsewhere. So, well done Adeline.

The Kid Kapichi go to London….

…. and you can come too.

In a recent post, all about 2013:, we talked about how there was a sense of some momentum building with regard to original local music from Hastings.

One aspect of this was the expected wider exposure that some of our local bands would be getting in 2013. Well, one of those bands are The Kid Kapichi.

The Kid Kapichi self released their debut album, ‘Gin & Chronic’, in August of 2012. You can read a review of the album here:

You can listen to 4 tracks from ‘Gin & Chronic’ here:

Since that release the band have completed a short UK tour and have also played a blinding set at the Camden Barfly in November, as well as some very well received local gigs.

On Saturday, 12th January The Kid Kapichi are back in London playing a headline show at the Hoxton Underbelly club, a show booked off the back of that aforementioned Camden Barfly gig.

To enable local fans to go and support the band in London, they have arranged a coach to take you there and they’ll even bring you back too.

Details are as follows.
The coach leaves The Tubman pub, in Cambridge Road, at 6pm on 12th January. The coach fare is £10 per person.
It will return after the gig, leaving London at around 1am.

Entry to the gig is £5. But, if you get your name on the bands list by the 11th January it will only cost you £4.

The Kid Kapichi are due on stage at 10.30pm.

If you want a seat on the coach, contact Jack on: 07414 440408 or let the band know via their Facebook page at:

If it’s anything like the Camden Barfly gig, it promises to be a great evening and well worth making the effort to get there.

If you can’t make that gig, or if you live further afield, The Kid Kapichi are playing two gigs in Liverpool on the following weekend.
Friday, 18th January – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool (This gig has now been cancelled)
Saturday, 19th January – Lomax, Liverpool

PS: Disclosure time:
Myself and Rich must declare an interest here, as we both have a connection with The Kid Kapichi and have been doing some work with them recently.                                          Mind you, that’s because we both know that they are very worthy of the attention and deserve to go far.                                                                                                               In fact you will find us both at the Hoxton Underbelly gig and also in Liverpool.

See you there?