The Richest Songs In The World

Recently we featured a blog post, written for Pierless Music by Phil Little, called ‘Copyright Issues For Musicians’. You can find it here:

In that post Phil talks about, amongst other things, songwriting and the royalties that can be earned by the writers of songs.

Well, over the Christmas period BBC4, where else, broadcast a programme all about the richest songs in the world. In the programme they counted down the Top 10 biggest earning songs of all time. You can watch that programme here:

The programme is well worth watching for a number of reasons. Partly to see if you can guess what those Top 10 songs are and i guarantee that at least some of the lower ranked songs will surprise you. I guessed the top two correctly, but was way out with many of the others.

But, also because they explain the copyright process for the writers and musicians involved as they go along. They also talk about the legal side of songwriting and how things can go wrong.

So, all in all, it’s a show worth seeking out, especially if you’re a songwriter yourself.

Just remember to write a decent Christmas song and you’ll be ok, probably.

Merry Christmas from Pierless Music

Well, the presents are all wrapped, the drinks are chilling in the fridge, the turkey is defrosting and Santa is getting ready to empty his sacks. So, all it remains for me to do is to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and Happy New Year.

The past couple of months, since our launch, have been pretty interesting and exciting ones for us here at Pierless Music. We’re hoping that 2013 continues in the same vein. We already have some things planned and many ideas to consider and work on, so it’s all looking good so far.

Many thanks for all of the kind words, good wishes and compliments that you’ve given to both Richard and myself since the advent of Pierless Music. We very much appreciate them.

Have a good one guys and gals. We’ll see you on the other side.

Blog Post – Copyright Issues For Musicians

As a musician you may well have seen, or heard the initials PRS,PPL or even MCPS, but do you know what they are and how they might benefit you financially?

I’m sure most musicians know that they should get paid if their song is played on the radio, but did you know that you should be receiving money for playing your own songs at a gig?

Well, Phil Little has written a blog post for Pierless Music all about potential Copyright issues for musicians who write their own songs. Find it here:

Many local musicians, who write and record their own material, are missing out on royalty payments. Read Phil’s blog post and make sure that you don’t remain one of them.

Blog Post – Venue, Venue, Venue

Having recently been to a gig at the newly refurbished Carlisle pub in Hastings, I thought I’d write a blog post concerning local live music venues.

Here it is:

Some venues are better than others and for several reasons too.

Have a read, see what you think and add your own comments below.

Here’s a photo from ‘the old days’ of The Carlisle:


Blog Post – RNLI Hastings Beach Concert

I’m sure that just about any music lover in the Hastings area has attended one of the RNLI Hastings Beach Concerts at some time or other?

For the uninitiated, the Beach Concerts are held at the start of Old Town Carnival Week every year, usually around the first weekend of August. They have become a staple part of the local event calendar and attract hundreds of music lovers every year.

But, did you know that this year will be its 25th anniversary?

That’s quite an acheivement for the many people who have been involved with putting on the Beach Concerts over those 25 years and they all deserve much praise for all of their hard work. Not just for all the great music they’ve helped to provide, but also for all the money they’ve raised for the RNLI as well.

It wasn’t until recently though, that i came to realise myself just how much work goes into putting on a gig such as the Beach Concert.

Because of that, i asked Tony Streeter, one of the current crop of organisers, if he’d write a blog post for us here at Pierless Music, to give an idea of just what it takes to get it all up and running. What Tony writes may well surprise you, it certainly surprised me and i thought i knew a bit about these things.

You can find Tony’s post here:

Don’t forget that what Tony has written is just an indication of what any promoter, or organiser of an outdoor event has to go through these days. It’s scary stuff and makes you wonder what hoops have to be jumped through to put on a festival such as Glastonbury!

Thanks to Tony for writing this post for us and we hope to have some more from him soon.

If you have any comments, please add them below Tony’s piece, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

A New Crypt? – Part 2

A month ago we posted a News item about how the owners of the Electric Stag, in Hastings town centre, had applied for a license to re-open the old site of The Crypt club:

Well, news has now been announced that Hastings Borough Council have approved the license application, which is great news for all music lovers in Hastings.

Here’s the announcement from the Electric Stag’s Facebook page:

“We would just like to say a big massive thank you to all of you who showed your support for our application to re-open the Old Crypt venue. We are very happy to report we were granted the license earlier this week and look forward to welcoming you all to the dance floor early next year! Merry Christmas!”

Pierless Music understands that the license allows the, yet to be named, new club to be open from 8am to 3am. Which, if true, certainly allows them scope for some exciting events.

So, well done to all concerned and we look forward to seeing the club open again.

2013 is certainly looking good on the Hastings music front. Bring it on.

Blog Post – A Social Media Policy

Social Media is something that we all use these days and it’s something that is becoming ever more important for bands and musicians as well. But, are they using it in the correct way?

Because of that question, Pierless Music have decided to write a blog post about this topic and include some Social Media guidelines of our own. You may not agree with them all, but they will hopefully give you something to think about.

And who knows, maybe these guidelines might have some relevance for an individual too?

Find out more here:

Pocket Size @ The Jenny Lind

We don’t tend to publicise gigs outside of the Pierless Music Gig Guide, but i thought i’d make an exception this time around.

Why? Well, firstly because the person putting on the gig is trying to do something a little different by promoting local talent, instead of his usual fare of more established national and international talent (There’s nothing wrong with ‘his usual fare’ by the way)

Secondly, the self promotion of local gigs is something that may well become the subject of a blog post here very shortly.

And thirdly, because we have some extra information about one of the acts playing and a couple of videos to share with you.

The gig in question is on Wednesay, 12th December, upstairs at the Jenny Lind, in Hastings Old Town. More details can be found in our Gig Guide here:

One of the bands playing are called Pocket Size. You may have seen them at this years Beach Concert. But, did you know that they once had a big chart hit in the USA? No, neither did we. It was called ‘Walking’ and there was a very entertaining video made to promote it:

Although that song is not very representative of the far more folky sound that the music of Pocket Size has now, it does show that they are obviously talented and experienced songwriters and musicians.

And to whet your appetite for what they sound like now and for what you can expect to hear at the gig, here’s a performance from earlier this year, filmed in Eastbourne:

Good isn’t it? And if you enjoyed that, why not get yourself along to the Jenny Lind on 12th December to see more of the same.

If you do go along, why not write a review of the gig and send it into us here at Pierless Music?

Harvey Summers – Video Interview

We’ve mentioned previously that local producer and musician Harvey Summers had a new album due for release shortly. Well, his album ‘Jupiter’ will be available in early 2013.

In the meantime, Harvey has done a video interview, talking about the upcoming ‘Jupiter’ album and some of the tracks on it.

You can see that video here:

Pierless Music have been lucky enough to hear the album already and can confirm that it sounds just as good as you’d expect it to.

The single from the album, ‘Bon Hiver’, can be heard on our Soundcloud Sampler Playlist :


Hornet Need Your Help

Local Hastings hard rockers, Hornet, have announced details for their long awaited, as yet untitled, debut album which is set for release in June 2013.

And they want you to be a part of the process.

Hornet are set to record with young, up and coming producer Phil Kinman at his studio in London. Mastering engineer of Iron Maiden’s ‘From Fear To Eternity’, Ade Emsley, is set to master the album.

Hornet are trying a brand new approach to help fund the recording of their debut album. It’s called Pledge Music and it’s a new hands-on, direct-to-fan, fund raising platform.

Many bands and artists are now taking advantage of this new idea, including Ginger Wildheart, The Rasmus and The Libertines to name but a few.

Pledge Music follows the same principle as ‘Kickstarter’, a fund raising platform for start up businesses and other projects which you may have seen featured in the media recently.

Fans can ‘pledge’ for an advance copy of the album which will be pre-released through Pledge Music in April 2013, with 10% of any money raised above the target figure going to Macmillan Cancer Support. A very worthy cause.

There are several different levels and amounts that fans can ‘pledge’, all of which come with their own reward package.
Prices start at just £8, which will get you a free download of the completed album and regular updates from the band. The maximum ‘pledge’ is for £3,000, which will buy you an original Hornet ‘Master’ CD.
Other rewards include a private show by the band, a European tour package and even a bonfire and camping party!

Pledge Music isn’t only available to fans in the UK either. You can get involved wherever you are in the world, so anyone can help Hornet make their own mark on rock history.

You can find out more information and ‘pledge’ here::

The band have even made a short video to accompany their fund raising campaign:

Ideas like Pledge Music and Kickstarter are a great way for bands and artists to help fund an album. Especially those who are just starting out and trying to get their foot into the music business door. It’s also a good way for fans of a band to get involved themselves and to feel more personally involved with the whole record making process.

So, if you’re a fan of Hornet, why not make a pledge yourself and be a part of the buzz around the band.

You can also find Hornet at: