Love Fingers Interview

Stuart Huggett has recently inteviewed those quirky females from St Leonards, ‘Love Fingers’.

Here’s how he describes them: “Love Fingers are probably the oddest group to come out of St Leonards this year. Formed by four young local artists, going by the names of Vixon, Rogue, Bad M and Phat Al, Love Fingers combine loosely recorded songs with simply shot, imaginative videos, sharing them on YouTube. They’ve yet to play live, but have amassed a passionate online following.”

It that has whetted your appetite, read on here:

We’ve even embedded some of their videos into the interview as well. So, you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Blog Post – You Can’t Always Play An Encore.

Phil Little has written a new blog post, about an issue that affects even the biggest bands in the world. namely, curfews on live gigs. These curfews might be in place for noise reasons, because of complaining neighbours, or for other easons. But, they affect just about any gig that takes place these days.

Read Phil’s post here:

As a postscript to this. Apparently the Rolling Stones were fined £200,000 for breaking the curfew on their gig at the O2. Sure, they can afford it, but that’s still a huge amount of money.

I was at a local gig the other night and the 3 piece band were asked to turn the volume down as soon as they started playing. It was only 9pm and they weren’t very loud at all. This just goes to prove that this affects all bands, pubs, clubs and venues.

Feel free to add your own comments to those already attached to Phil’s blog post. Or, maybe you’d like to write your own piece about this issue? Maybe you have personal experience of an aspect of these issues, either as a musician, or as a gig goer?

If so, please get in touch with us here at Pierless Music. We’d love to hear from you.

Blog Post – You Give But Little….

Richard has written a new blog post about a gig that both of us were privileged to be present at last night.

The gig was King Size Slim, at The Dolphin in Rock-a-Nore and what a gig it was.

You can read Richards’s post here and find out what you missed out on:

In case you wonder afterwards, who the other musicians were that Richard is so complimentary about. They are Harrison Caruana and George Macdonald, who only the night before had wowed the crowd at the Camden Barfly as a part of The Kid Kapichi.

What an eventful and varied musical weekend they have had.

Gig Guide – Update

Thanks to all those who have started sending in their gigs for entry into the Pierless Music Gig Guide.

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, go here:

To help you all get the most out of the Gig Guide, we have written a post explaining the kind of info we’d like about your gig. Both, basic and extra info.

You can find it by going to ‘Gig Guide – How To Send In Your Gig Details’, or by going here:

We’ll update that guide as and when it is required. We’ll also use that to tell you of any changes to our inclusion policy.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback that we’ve had so far to the Pierless Music Gig Guide. We’re pleased that so many of you think it’s a good idea.

Please help us and all the bands, artists and gig venues in the Hastings area by telling your friends about the Gig Guide and sharing it on Facebook etc.

After all, if we don’t have the info about your gig, we can’t post it.

Don’t forget to send all gig info to:


Andy and Richard


Gig Review – Claire Hamill at Saltburn Conservative Club

I know what you’re thinking having seen the heading to this post.

Saltburn?! But, that’s miles away from Hastings. And, of course, you’d be right.

But, this is Claire Hamill we’re talking about here and when someone takes the trouble to send you a review of a gig she’s just done back in the area of her birth, we at Pierless Music just couldn’t resist it.

So, thanks very much to Richard Heywood for his review, which you can find here:

Go and have a read of Richard’s review and then compare it to the review of Claire’s album launch gig, at the FILO, just a month ago. You can find that review here:

If you have written, or want to write reviews of gigs by bands and artists local to the Hastings area, wherever they play. Then please send them into us, just as Richard and Lily did.


The Pierless Music Gig Guide

Since we started Pierless Music, one topic of conversation/question has been right at the top of the pile, that being “Are you going to be doing a Gig Guide?”

To be honest, that wasn’t a part of our plans. But, as i suspect all of you will know, just as Pierless Music launched, the ‘Ultimate Alternative’ shut down. This left a huge gap locally, especially when it came to an easily accessible gig guide.

I even wrote about this at the time of the UA’s demise:

As so many people have said, the Hastings area really needs a decent Gig Guide. So, we’ve decided to try and provide one for you all.

You can find it by clicking on the ‘Gig Guide’ link above this page. Or, by clicking here:

But, we need your help….

As you can see, we have already started to collate, collect and post some of the gigs and events that we’ve seen by trawling through our Facebook event invites etc. But, we know that there is far more out there that needs to be mentioned and publicised and this is where you come in.

If you are a promoter, pub, bar, club etc and are putting on a gig, or gigs please let us know.

If you’re a band, or artist and are performing at a local venue, please let us know.

We have even set up a dedicated email address for any gig dates and information, it is:

Easy isn’t it?

Obviously, the sooner we have your gig info, the quicker we can post it and help publicise it.

There are only a couple of things that you need to know:

1 – Gigs and Events need to be taking place in the Pierless Music area. This basically means the traditional ‘1066’ area. Think Pevensey through to Rye and Hastings up to around Robertsbridge.

2 – We will accept non gig related events, but gigs will always take preference.

3 – Gigs do not need to be of only original music. Although Pierless Music is primarily here to support original local music only. We do feel that, for the purposes of a Gig Guide, all gigs need to be covered.

4 – As with all Gig and Event Guides, please check before you head out to the venue. We cannot be held responsible for any last minute changes, cancellations, or incorrect information.

When accessing the Gig Guide you get extra info by clicking on an individual event. You can also click on the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next events’ tabs to see other gigs. You can even change how you view the Gig Guide by clicking on the ‘Agenda’ tab.

Hopefully, the Gig Guide is nice and easy to use and to view.

If you have any ideas, or feedback on how we might be able to improve our Gig Guide, please let us know. It might not always be possible to do, but we will give any suggestions due consideration.

Finally, i must thank Lily Foster for all of her hard work in helping to get the Pierless Music Gig Guide up and running. It hasn’t been quite as easy as we thought it might be….


Andy Gunton

PS: I have also posted this under ‘Blog Posts – Andy Gunton’ for future reference.

Blog Post – ‘Music Files’ Magazine.

Does anyone out there remember a free local magazine called ‘Music Files’?

If you do, i’m sure you’ll want to read this new article/blog post by Phil Little.

Here’s a link:

‘Music Files’ was published from 1993 until 1998, which is when the now sadly departed ‘Ultimate Alternative’ appeared on the local scene.

Phil Little was one of the people behind ‘Music Files’ and explains in his post the history of the magazine, how it all came about in the first place and what it was like to put together a monthly gig guide/magazine in a pre Internet and early home computing age. Things have certainly changed a lot since then.

Apart from that aspect of the magazine, Phil also talks about an organisation, he helped to found, called the ‘Hastings Live Music Forum’. This was a collection of local musicians trying to help promote and secure the local live music scene.

Maybe we could do with something like that in 2012?

Thanks to Phil for his article and we hope to be featuring some more posts from him in the future. Give his article aread, it’s like stepping back in time.

For the uninitiated, Phil Little has been a drummer and campaigner on the national live music scene for a number of years now and even found time to start ‘Sambalanco’, that wonderful Samba band that you see at all those local events.

Pier Less No More?

At last, some good news about Hastings Pier.

If you’ve not heard already, the Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded Hastings Pier a grant of £11.4 million towards the expected £13.9 million cost for the restoration and rebuilding of Hastings Pier.

You can find a statement and a link to a full press release from the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust (HPWRT) here:

HPWRT have done some sterling work both before and after the fire on Hastings Pier. I had some small involvement with them myself after the fire in October 2010 and know how hard the people involved have worked towards this funding decision.

I’m sure all of the people of the Hastings area would join us at Pierless Music in thanking them for that hard work and wishing them well over the next couple of years. In some ways, this is when the hard work really starts, as the plan is to have Hastings Pier up and running again by the end of 2014.

Anyone with an interest in local music, or music generally, knows that Hastings Pier was once an important venue for live music. It played host to everyone from Gene Vincent to Jimi Hendrix and the Sex Pistols and we hope that those glory days can be revived in some way.

With the recent news that The Crypt is planning to reopen once again, albeit under a different name, it finally looks as though Hastings is going to be put back onto the national live music map once again. It’s about time.

More about that Crypt news can be found here:

Things are really starting to look up for Hastings in many ways, but especially when it comes to original live music. During the brief time that Pierless Music has been around, we have already noticed a real desire and passion for helping to promote both Hastings itself and the original music scene.

It truly looks as though all the various pieces of the musical jigsaw are slowly starting to fall into place and Pierless Music hope that we can be one of those jigsaw pieces.

My only concern is that we might have to change our name from Pierless Music to something more appropriate. If we do, there are far worse reasons for doing so aren’t there?


Blog Post – A Day In The Life….

Yesterday was a busy and eventful day for Pierless Music.

It was the first day of filming for the video documentary being made about us.

So, i thought i’d share some of what happened with you. Especially as not everything went quite as planned.

To find out more go to the blog post:

Thanks to Sam Kinch for the photo.

Otti Albeitz Interview

We have just created a brand new section on the Pierless Music website called ‘Interviews’.

In the future we hope to bring you interviews with musicians and others involved in the local music scene. These interviews may be written, audio, or even on video. They will all be posted into the ‘Interviews’ section.

Our first interview is with Otti Albietz, a Hastings based singer-songwriter.

You can find that interview here:

This interview was kindly submitted to Pierless Music by ‘Indieed Kids’, who wrote an album review for us recently.

Thanks once again to them and if you’d like to submit something yourself, please get in touch.