Blog Post – Tuesdays, 8pm at The Havelock

Pierless Music’s Richard Lock has written a blog post about a new Open Mic night that started recently at The Havelock, in Hastings town centre.

Although Richard writes primarily about this new Open Mic night, his post is about much more than that.

Read it here:

Gig Review – Claire Hamill

As promised in a previous post, here is a review of Claire Hamill’s gig at the FILO, in Hastings on Sunday evening.

The review was sent to Pierless Music by Lily Foster. Thanks Lily.

The gig was to launch Claire’s brand new album ‘The Meeting of the Waters’. I was there myself and agree with Lily’s words. It was a great gig.

We have a copy ourselves and we’ll be bringing you a review of the album later this week. It’s sounding good so far.


Soundcloud Playlist Updated

We’ve added a couple of new songs to the ‘Pierless Music Sampler’, our Soundcloud Playlist.

These tracks include a song from the brand new album from Claire Hamill.

We’ve also added a track from Phil Hudson, who just happens to be the guitarist on Claire’s album ‘The Meeting of the Waters’.

There are now 20 tracks on the Playlist. Why not give them a listen here:

I was lucky enough to be at the launch gig for Claire’s album last night at the FILO, in Hastings. I don’t think i’ve ever seen the place so packed, or so hot! But, a great time was had by all.

In case you missed it, we will be bringing you a review of the gig in the near future. We also have a copy of ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ and will be reviewing that shortly, as well.

‘Lost Songs and Monkey Bikes’ by Deano Adams – Album Review

Deano Adams is probably best known for fronting local bands such as Rumiko Jr/Donkey Kong Jr and Sand Rabbit. But, now he’s finally got around to releasing an album of solo material that he recorded back in 2008.

The album is called ‘Lost Songs and Monkey Bikes’ and has been reviewed for Pierless Music by well known Hastings boy Stuart Huggett.

Here is Stu’s review:

We hope to bring you a photo of the cover art shortly.

If you want to submit of your own, please contact us at Pierless Music.

Blog Post – Time To Get Serious?

We’ve added a new blog post to the Pierless Music site.

It’s titled “Time To Get Serious?” and can be found here:

If you use Facebook, or direct listeners of your music to your Facebook profile, it might be worth a read.

If you want to write your own blog post for the Pierless Music site, please let us know.

New Videos

We’ve updated our Videos section, as it was starting to get a bit full up.

We’ve separated the videos into ‘A to M’ and ‘N to Z’. Solo artists are usually listed by their surname. The ‘Carnival FM’ videos have also been embedded onto the Pierless Music site, to save you some mouse clicks.

New videos that have been added include ‘Bon Hiver’by Harvey Summers, which we promised you in a recent post. Here it is:

And this from ‘The Love Fingers:

If you spot anymore that you think we should be showcasing, please let us know.

We do prefer videos not to be just of a single still photo though.

Thanks and happy viewing.

Pierless Music on Mixcloud

Pierless Music now has a Mixcloud account and we’ve started to post some ‘Cloudcasts’.

You can access our Mixcloud site either by clicking on the Mixcloud link in the Menu bar above, where there are more details about how we intend to use it, or by going here:

Mixcloud is a service that allows people to upload radio shows and podcasts for free. It also pays royalties, where appropriate and includes links to buy individual tracks that can be purchased via iTunes etc.

Why not check it out?

As a taster, we thought we’d share one of the Local Music Shows that Andy Gunton did for Hastings Rock in May 2012.

Oxjam Hastings

If you fancy seeing some great local bands and help to raise much needed money for a very worthwhile charity, then we might just have the gig for you.

The Oxjam Festival is on at the Tubman in Hastings on Sunday, 28th October. That’s this coming weekend. There’s an event page for the gig on Facebook at:

As the name suggests, the event is in aid of Oxfam. Oxjam itself is a whole series of gigs, throughout the UK, all taking place during the month of October.

More info about Oxjam can be found here:

The Hastings event is being organised by David Georgiou, an 18 year old gig promoter from Hastings. David read about Oxjam, thought it was a great cause and applied online for a special tool kit to help him set up this local Oxjam event.

Oxjam Hastings starts and the music kicks off at 6pm. Entry is just £3, with all proceeds going to Oxjam. It is a 16+ event.

Bands and set times confirmed so far are as follows:

6.00 – 6.20: Voices

6.30 – 6.50: Adrenaline Tunnel

7.00 – 7.20: Acres Of Life

7.30 – 8.00: The Kid Kapichi

8.10 – 8.50: Otti Albeitz & Thad Skews

9.00 – 10.30: King Bathmat

As with all events like this, the running order and set times are subject to change.

It certainly sounds like an event well worth supporting and we hope to see you there.

Mumm-Ra & Youngplan – Gig Review

Well, did you manage to get tickets for either of the Mumm-Ra gigs over the weekend?

If so, what did you think?

Pierless Music were in attendance for Friday’s gig and Andy even managed to sneak back to see the gig on Saturday as well.

Here are his thoughts on both gigs:

Why not let us know your own thoughts on the gigs?

Harvey Summers – New Album & Single

Local musician and producer of many local artists, Harvey Summers, is back with some much awaited new solo material.

A brand new album ‘Jupiter’ will be released on Harvey’s own ‘Big Village Records’ label in November. It features double bass from legendary player Danny Thompson on the title track. That’s something we’re looking forward to hearing. Pierless Music will be reviewing the album as soon as we can get our grubby hands on a copy.

In the meantime and as a bit of a taster for ‘Jupiter’, Harvey has released his first single from the album.

The single, which came out on October 13th, is called ‘Bon Hiver’, it’s French for “good winter”. It features Harvey himself on multiple instruments as per usual, Sacha Trochet on drums and a brass section led by trombonist David Holt. Apparently there is also something called ‘moog taurus’ on the bass guitar. Sounds intriguing.

Any fans of the American tv series ‘Northern Exposure’ might spot a reference in the singles title. We know that Harvey is a big fan of the show. Let us know if you spot it yourself.

Pierless Music have added ‘Bon Hiver’ to our Soundcloud Playlist and have even made it the lead track. You can get hear it here:

‘Bon Hiver’ can be bought via iTunes, where it has already reached No. 10 in the iTunes singer/songwriter new release charts. It is also available from Bandcamp and on CD direct from Harvey via:

If the weather behaves, which seems highly unlikely at the moment, Harvey is recording a video for ‘Bon Hiver’ on Monday 22nd October. Let’s hope the clouds clear in time.

We’ll share the video with you when we can.

Happy listening.